A Long Pause

I’ve had quite a long break from blogging regularly. There have been a myriad of reasons, work, relationships, moving home, etc.

At first it was nice to have a break, then after a while, I missed it. But it seemed too difficult to get back into the habit, as so many other things had taken its place.

It also felt impossible to try and catch you up on the many happenings of the last 4 years, I just didn’t know where to start.

So I’ve decided not to try to. I will just start again from where I am.

I’ve been reading a book called Do/Pause – You are not a to-do list by Robert Poynton. It seems perhaps I needed this long pause from blogging. For what reason, I may never know. But from now on I hope to write more regularly, though I’m warning you now, my posts will likely be riddled with typos, as I am now blogging through the app on my phone and my autocorrect hates me quite passionately.

So hello there, thank you for reading this, I hope to see you again very soon.