A Long Pause

I’ve had quite a long break from blogging regularly. There have been a myriad of reasons, work, relationships, moving home, etc.

At first it was nice to have a break, then after a while, I missed it. But it seemed too difficult to get back into the habit, as so many other things had taken its place.

It also felt impossible to try and catch you up on the many happenings of the last 4 years, I just didn’t know where to start.

So I’ve decided not to try to. I will just start again from where I am.

I’ve been reading a book called Do/Pause – You are not a to-do list by Robert Poynton. It seems perhaps I needed this long pause from blogging. For what reason, I may never know. But from now on I hope to write more regularly, though I’m warning you now, my posts will likely be riddled with typos, as I am now blogging through the app on my phone and my autocorrect hates me quite passionately.

So hello there, thank you for reading this, I hope to see you again very soon.

Farewell 2017!

What an… interesting year it has been! Twelve months ago on this day I could not have even dreamed of what was to come. Not in a million years. But then, that seems to be the case for me almost every year! I actually gave up owning a wall calendar a few years ago, because I was fed up of hanging it up in one place in January, and seeing it hung in a totally different home/location/country by December!

The nomadic lifestyle I have been living for the last ten years is something I very much wanted back then. I actually wrote in my diary that I didn’t want to be stuck in any one place for too long, I wanted to move about, travel, and meet lots of people. Well, I certainly got that! I have mostly lived out of a suitcase or my car for the last ten years, and I have decided that it’s time to manifest a more stable foundation for myself, so that I can build the life I really want. Because as fun as it has been, the nomadic life is not something I want to continue.

So what are you leaving behind in 2017? What are you creating anew in 2018? Tonight, my friend Clare (of Artemis Rising) and I are going to release the past stuff, and set new intentions (not resolutions, those things are pants) for the coming year and many years to come. I think the time has come to make a longer term plan than just the next 6 or 12 months. It’s time to look at where I would like to be in 5 years, or even, gulp, 10 years.

Because as the saying goes, if we don’t know where we’re going, how will we know when we get there?

I hope you have a wonderful New Years’, and set some brilliant and challenging intentions for the coming year. It’s time to fly!


One of my intentions for the coming year is to revive this blog, posting more often, and making it more interactive. I would like to do more interviews and invite other people to guest post too. Two years ago, I posted that I had just reached 40k all time views, and as of yesterday, I just crossed the 80k mark! I am so blown away by the number of people who have visited my blog, from over 170 countries! So I feel it is time to honour all my amazing readers and put more time and effort into this. So if you have any topics you’d like me to cover, please do comment!

I’m sure you believe me, but here’s the proof!

Much love to you, I’ll see you in the New Year!

What do you really want?

I hope you have had a happy and fun festive season, and have been with friends and loved ones, eaten good food and been treated to some new things. Maybe you’re starting to look to the New Year, and beyond what you’ve got planned for New Years’ Eve, and are wondering what 2018 will bring.

I can tell you exactly what it will bring. And no, not because I have a crystal ball. (Although, I do have one!)

2018 will bring you exactly what you ask of it. But first, you need to ask.

And to ask, you need to actually know what you want. This time last year, there were many things I wrote down that I wanted to achieve, receive and experience. And I have to say, most have happened. Even the most improbable ones. You might just read this and write it of as Law of Attraction nonsense. But I’m not talking about just making a request and then sitting back and waiting for it to land in your lap. I’m talking about getting really clear on what it is you want, so that not only can you be clear in your requests to the Universe and to others, but you will also know what you are moving towards. You will be able to take action that will get you closer to where you wish to be.

Some things may happen with little work or input from you, and other things will require you put in the time, energy and money to make them happen. But knowing exactly what it is you are working towards is the most important step.

So I will ask again, what do you really want? What is your unicorn? If you feel your goals are huge, and others might not understand them, be sure to keep them just for yourself. After all, nobody needs to know where you are going or what you are creating but you. When you know your desires – write them down. Find images of them. Make a video or yourself talking about them. Do something that shows your commitment to making them happen.

One of my unicorns in 2018 is to get back to blogging more regularly. I fell out of the habit in 2017, and I have missed it. To be able write these posts is a joy of mine, and I plan to bring as much joy into my life in the New Year as possible. So as well as figuring out what you really want, please do let me know if there are any particular posts you would like to see from me too. My plan is to write two blog posts a month, more, if the inspiration begins to flow as it has before. Thank you for reading my blog and supporting it, I really appreciate you, as you are why I continue to do it!

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Searching for Clarity

Have you seen her?


My plan for the first week of 2015 was to plan 2015. To figure out where I want to be, what I want to do and what my long-term goal for the year, and even for the next five years. But aside from writing my Love List, as inspired by Dr John Demartini’s Breakthrough Experience, I’m not much closer to having the clarity I am searching for.

One of the biggest things I have been working through over the last few weeks, is why I find it so difficult to plan. Why I am afraid of starting something now that will come to fruition in more than six months or a years’ time. Why all of my projects are very short-term, and why the idea of planning the next five years of my life is so terrifying to me.

I think that part of it is the fear of making the wrong choice, choosing the wrong path, and ending up where I don’t want to be. But a bigger part of it is that I have a fear of leaving things unfinished. If I can see the end of a project, and I can see fast progress, then I am more likely to stick with it and complete it. If progress in very incremental and slow, and the end is not in sight, I am likely to lose focus and abandon the project.

Looking back at the last few years in particular, I can see that there are things I could have done, that had I stuck with them, would have benefited me greatly by now. Like starting a savings account. If I had started saving when I started working, which was 16 years ago, then I would be in the position to be able to fund my life now. If I had started saving even four years ago for a campervan, then I would be in the position to buy one by now.

The only things I have worked on consistently over the last five years has been my books, and this blog. They started out small, and have grown gradually, and I am very glad that I have stuck with them. I started this blog in December 2010, and in 2011, I had a total of just 251 views for the whole year. Each year, my views grew in number, and last year I had 15,497 views. With my books, I started publishing in 2011, and have published two books a year, and now I have eight books in print, a growing fan base and my sales are steadily increasing.

So I know that deciding to do something, and then sticking to it, does really work. And obviously I will continue with my blog and with my books, but what else to choose?

For me to stick to something, it takes conscious daily effort, and numerous reminders posted everywhere, alarms set, etc. My short-term memory means that if there is no visible progress, I tend to lose focus and interest and get sidetracked onto other things. I have got my new planner, Astrid, and I will be blogging monthly on my progress of using a planner properly for the first time ever. I have also been on Pinterest, searching for downloadable and printable planners for different aspects. I found a great blogging planner, which I might have a look at, and I definitely need a financial planner of some kind.

Whatever I choose to do, I need to find a fun way to do it, and it needs to be in line with who I am, and what I love. Whenever I have tried to build businesses or do work that is not in line with my mission and my purpose, they haven’t worked because I could not put my heart and soul into doing them.

Because I know that deadlines work very well for me, I am going to set myself a deadline now – by the time I turn 31, which is in just under two weeks, I, Michelle Gordon, will have an actionable plan for 2015 and I will be taking the necessary steps to put it into action and to go for it.

I’m counting on you to hold me accountable!

What are your plans for 2015?