I surrender…

Okay, so I admit defeat, I will not win Nanowrimo 2012. I guess it was just too ambitious to try and do it alongside editing and formatting The Elphite, working, doing Mind Body Spirit Fairs and 4sighting at 4Networking meetings. Oh and being Marketing Assistant for Monmouth 4N too. And attending birthday party weekends. And – well, you get the point. I tried to do too much, and have just been too tired to focus on writing anything. Also, I hadn’t quite got the right format – but I’ve now figured out how the story should be written. So once my life has calmed down a little, I plan on resuming my writing.

The Elphite is done, (does a happy dance) and I am just waiting on approval before ordering the proof copy. Am crossing fingers that there’s enough time to order the launch copies!

I’ve actually begun to get a little organised on the Christmas present front, and I even have an outfit for the wedding I’ve been invited to on the 29th December.

I’ve had a bit of a chill out this weekend, and plan to chill again tomorrow, although I will get some things done too!