Ready to launch!

Well, it’s very nearly launch time, I have everything packed, ready to go tomorrow. It’s amazing how much preparation has gone into getting everything ready for a two-day event! And it’s amazing how many awesome people have helped me to get there. Just thought I’d do a little shout-out to those people, I wouldn’t have got to this point without them!

Elizabeth Lockwood – The most amazing Angel, who I would be lost without!

Liz Gordon – Amazing sister and fantastic Graphic Designer, her help and expertise has been brilliant. Find Liz on Twitter and on her website.

Jack Shalatain – Incredible artist, his illustrations of Aria, Velvet and Amethyst are amazing and I look forward to working with him to bring more of the characters to life. Find Jack on his website.

There are many more, most of whom will be mentioned in the Acknowledgements in The Earth Angel Awakening. Of course, I couldn’t have got here without my amazing mum, who has helped with everything from sewing costumes and pouches for the launch, to proofreading. Love you mum!

I look forward to meeting lots of great people this weekend, and I promise that I will post the photos next week!

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