You are Stronger Than You Realise

Many people have heard of tarot or oracle cards, but often don’t understand them, or how they work. I don’t claim to understand the deeper working of the different types of cards, but I do know how they work for me, and their significance in my life.

Essentially, the cards do not tell us what we don’t already know. They are simply tools to point out the obvious. To bring to the conscious mind what is currently subconscious. And I do believe that they contain a kind of magic, because quite often, they defy all odds and statistics.

If you wanted to try using tarot or oracle cards, and you’re not sure where to start, I would always recommend starting with a set of oracle cards. There are so many out there to choose from, many of them cover different areas of life, and some are just general advice with a theme. Oracle cards are usually gentler and easier to decipher and apply to your life than tarot cards, which require more knowledge and an understanding of both the major and minor arcana, and of each suit in the minor arcana, and then the ability to looks at the meaning of the images and their symbols.

Go with the cards that you are drawn to, and try them out. Most decks have a little booklet that describes ways of using them, but my favourite way to use them is to tap them three times (to clear any attached energy), give them a good shuffle, ask a question, then whatever number springs to mind – I pick out that many cards. If any cards fall out during shuffling, I read them too.

A few years ago, with the help of Jack Shalatain, I created three oracle card decks to accompany The Earth Angel Training Academy. I often use these decks when I am in need of guidance, but I stopped using the Velvet oracle after a few readings, because every single time, I would pick out the same card. Yes, the exact same card. I lost count of how many times. The reason I decided to write this post, is because I was putting away a little bag that I used when I did the last two oracle card readings among the bluebells. I had removed the three decks of oracle cards from the bag, but I had left one card behind, and only found it today. And yep, you guessed it, it was the same card.

Here it is:


You tend to pick the same cards out of oracle or tarot decks over and over until you have either really got their message, or the event they are pointing to comes to pass. Clearly, Velvet doesn’t think I have got this message yet!

If you would like to ask Velvet, Amethyst or Aria a question, and get a free reading like the one below, just send me your question at


Positive Living Fayre & The Paradigm Shift Road Show

Another busy weekend coming up! On Saturday the 10th, I will be selling my books at the Positive Living Fayre, which will be taking place in the Priory in Monmouth. It is being run by the fabulous Niki of Peace of Stone.  I am very much looking forward to it, as there will be many of my friends there! Jack Shalatain will be there, with some gorgeous calendars filled with his ethereal art. Ray Ball will be there, doing readings; I recommend a reading with him if you need some clarity or indeed closure. Andrea Degan will be there, so if you have any questions at all about Homeopathic remedies – she’s the lady to speak to!

Then on Sunday, the 11th November, I will be in Bristol, at the Paradigm Shift Road Show. It looks to be like it will be a great event, with loads of workshops and talks happening throughout the day, as well as plenty of stalls.

I’m also looking at having a stand at some other Christmas Fayres and Markets, I will add them to the Event page when I know where I will be!

Right, back to the writing, I am behind on my wordcount now, so I need a mammoth session today to catch up!



Ready to launch!

Well, it’s very nearly launch time, I have everything packed, ready to go tomorrow. It’s amazing how much preparation has gone into getting everything ready for a two-day event! And it’s amazing how many awesome people have helped me to … Continue reading