Are you an Earth Angel?

A few weeks ago, I joined 4Networking. It’s a Social Business Network that has meetings all across the UK. From the very first meeting, I loved it. I met fantastic people, made great connections, and saw the value of it immediately. At each breakfast (and evening) meeting, there is a slot where a member of the network gives and insight into something, whether it’s an interest or hobby, or their life experiences. So I decided I should do a ‘4Sight’, to get over my life long fear of public speaking.

My first 4Sight was today, in Chepstow,  and I have to say – I enjoyed it so much! Everyone got involved, and had fun. My topic was Earth Angels, and I decorated the room, and got everyone to do a small quiz to work out what kind of Earth Angel they might be. There was plenty of heckling and teasing, but hopefully they may have got something meaningful from the experience as well.

Aside from eating plenty of chocolate this morning (I reckoned if it’s capable of helping people after being near Dementors, it would help my public speaking fear!) I watched a video about a week ago, on using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to get rid of your fear of public speaking. Well, I think it’s quite amazing, because usually, any kind of public speaking would reduce me to a jelly-legged, beetroot-faced, quivering, tongue-twisted stuttering mess – but today? A slight tremor in my knees. That was it.

So if you have a fear of public speaking, watch this video right now. Then repeat the actions if you think necessary. Then go out there and be a star 🙂

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