When Velvet met Shelly…


When I wrote The Earth Angel Training Academy in 2009, I had no idea that four years later, I would be meeting one of the characters!! Here is the scene in the book where Velvet meets Shelly the Mermaid :

 “Can I help you at all, Mermaid?” Velvet asked kindly, she wondered if the sight of her seemingly talking to herself had scared the poor soul.

I am so sorry to have eavesdropped, Ma’am. I was just trying to find my first class. I’m terribly lost and terribly late.” A crystal shaped tear fell from her luminous blue eyes.

Velvet smiled reassuringly. “Don’t get upset my dear mermaid. What is your name?”

Shelly, Ma’am.”

Shelly, first of all, call me Velvet. Second of all, it’s the first day of classes; there are always a few hiccups. We don’t penalise trainees for lateness. I probably should have mentioned this in the beginning, but there is no such thing as punishment here. You are here because you choose to be, and because of that, you will try your hardest because you want to, not because you will be punished if you don’t. Now, I know things work a little differently on Earth, and we will have to become a little stricter so that everyone can get used to it. But on the first day? No one will be mad, I promise.”

Shelly smiled and wiped the tear from her cheek.

Now then, what is your first class?”

Death 666.”

Velvet sighed. Of all the classes to be sending this pure, sensitive soul to on the first day. She plastered a smile back on her face. “Okay, that class is with Corduroy, and his room is right…” She reached out to hold Shelly’s hand then she clicked her fingers and suddenly they stood in a different hallway. “There,” she finished, pointing at the door in front of them with Corduroy’s name engraved on the shining gold plate.

The Mermaid moved towards the door. “Thank you so much, Velvet.”

You’re welcome. In fact, seeing as I’m here now, why don’t I come in with you?”

Mermaid Shelly lives in Oceanside, California, where she has her very own Mermaid Grotto, an amazing collection of beautiful Mermaid clothing and accessories, as well as her stunning Mermaid tails! You can visit her website here, and her facebook page! Please go and look at her amazing photos and videos 🙂



Despite being a boring Old Soul, I got to be a mermaid for the day, here’s me modeling Shelly’s Mermaid skirts! And yes, the shell bra is made from real shells!



I had an incredible day in the Grotto with Shelly, and would recommend you go visit her in Oceanside! You can also find her awesome Mermaid products on etsy. She will be stocking The Earth Angel Training Academy and The Earth Angel Awakening, and she is currently reading the first one, I’m sure she will post her thoughts on it when she’s finished it 🙂

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