I have a Millionaire Mind!

Last weekend, from the 15th to the 17th of March, I attended the Millionaire Mind Intensive in London. Well, it was intensive alright! Three crazy long days, after which I felt thoroughly exhausted… but exhilarated at the same time.

I have to admit, after reading some negative reviews of Peak Potentials online, I wasn’t as excited about the course as I had been initially, and when I arrived early on Friday morning, I really wasn’t sure what to expect.

There was a lot of high energy dancing, high-fiving and shouting, which was a little odd at first, but by the end of the weekend, the energy was fun and aside from having no voice left, made me feel good.

I met some fantastic people, who I will be keeping in touch with, and as with most courses, I find that the connections you make are as valuable as the information learnt. The techniques we were taught and the exercises we did were great, and actually did change my mindset towards money, which is the whole point of the weekend.

The only downside was the constant sales pitches for their other courses. Now, I completely understand that they make their money through selling these other courses… but the way they went about it actually alienated and annoyed people in the audience. In fact, before the weekend, I really loved the look of the Enlightened Warrior Camp, but after the incessant sales pitches just wasn’t interested anymore! I was also glad that after seeing the bad reviews, I was prepared for the pitches and had firmly decided to not sign up to anything else, or even spend any other money there, because I had set the intention that the weekend course was all I needed to do to change my money blueprint. That way, I listened to their pitches to learn about how to (or how not to) market and sell things.

I suppose the only other thing that bothered me about the course, was the inauthenticity of the speakers. They seemed like lovely people, but when something is as systemised as the MMI, and they are just literally reciting from a script and using all the ‘right’ gestures and tone of voice to get the material across in the way they have been taught, it just feels fake.

But was it worth going? Yes, I believe it was. As long as I implement the ideas and exercises into my life, I believe that I can change my financial situation, in fact, things are already improving,  just a week later, so if you are thinking of going, don’t let the bad reviews or sales pitches put you off, go and see for yourself 🙂

Some photos of my new friends –




20130317_173829 (1)

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