Recap of Basket Brigade 2014

To make up for missing a post yesterday, as I was distracted, I wanted to post a second time today (apologies to those whose inboxes are getting filled up, the 30 Day Blogging Challenge is very nearly over, I promise!)

It was Yes Group in London yesterday, which I wasn’t able to attend, but they posted this video of the Basket Brigade day that I took part in just before Christmas. Here it is:

It was a fabulous day, and I would recommend getting involved this coming Christmas. Another wonderful organisation, which is run by the amazing Anita who used to run Basket Brigade, is Anita’s Angels. They distributed bagfuls of items to homeless people all around London in December, they are distributing red roses to people in elderly care homes and at Easter they’re distributing Easter Eggs to children who would go without. Check it out, and if you can, take part. And if you can’t take part, they love donations.

Acts of kindness are what make life worth living.

Just my opinion.


My Volunteering Experience

For Christmas 2014, I decided to spend three days giving back to others, alongside many other amazing people. On the 23rd December, I joined 400 other volunteers to create food hampers for those in need all across London. After not making it to Basket Brigade in 2013, I was determined to do it this time round.


It was a crazy, fun-filled day, which I spent hefting sacks of potatoes and carrots, picking up litter and mucking in wherever needed. We had some great entertainment throughout the day, as volunteers took to the stage to sing, dance and beat-box! There was a great DJ and spirits were high, even when there was a shortage of parsnips and puddings. Ketan made an awesome video of the day you can watch here. (See if you can spot me at the point where it says the arrival of the Christmas Angels!)

I joined two lovely volunteers, Faisal and John, to distribute five of the baskets. A couple we had to leave on the front door step, but when people were there to receive it, there were questions and confusion, but we had been instructed to simply point them to the note enclosed and insist we were just the delivery people. One of the recipients was a very elderly lady, and because she was unsteady on her feet, I carried the heavy basket inside for her, and then she directed me to the kitchen to put the chicken in the freezer, which was so small it needed a little rearranging to fit!

Once they were all delivered, we found a pub and had dinner, and celebrated Christmas, new friendships and playing our part in helping others.

Then on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, I volunteered from 10am to 7pm at one of the Crisis for Christmas centres. I was there primarily as an Arts and Crafts Volunteer, but pitched in to help with whatever needed doing, and did my best to make the guests that I interacted with have a good Christmas. I made cards, put sparkles in hair, played scrabble and on Christmas Day was in charge of the cinema. Despite the moaning, Mamma Mia went down very well! (Not my choice, by the way, though I do love the location where it is filmed!)


Got beaten at Scrabble!

I walked to and from the centre on Christmas Day, (no public transport) and though I was surprised at how many cars were on the road, I had a lot of fun greeting strangers passing by with a cheery ‘good morning!’ and ‘merry christmas!’ It seems that it’s acceptable to do so in London only on very special occasions!

I set up a sponsorship page so that my friends and family could sponsor me to volunteer, and I was blown away by the response. The total stands at £307.62, and is still open for donations at the moment. I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who sponsored, it really is amazing.

Paper chain crown

Rocking the paper chain crown!

Christmas 2014 is the first ever Christmas I have had away from family and friends, and in London, and I have to say, the experience was so very worth it. Seeing the guests being transformed by haircuts and conversations, and having time to relax in a safe place was amazing. I did my best to direct any homeless people I met on the street to the Crisis centres, so they could get some food and somewhere warm to be over the holiday.

So if you have ever thought about volunteering, all I can say is – do it. It’s fun, it’s rewarding, and it might just change someone’s life for the better. (And it will definitely change yours)


Merry Christmas!!

Or Happily Holidays!
Just wanted to post a thank you to everyone who follows and reads my blog, to all the fans and readers of my books, and to all my friends and family.
I had an amazing day yesterday, taking part in the London Basket Brigade, which made sure that 4000 people across London will have a decent Christmas dinner. It was amazing to see so many of my fellow firewalkers, and to meet new friends too.





Today I’ll be volunteering at Crisis, and thanks to the incredible support of my awesome friends and family, I reached my target, and my total stands at £307.62! Which will pay for 14 people to have a great Christmas. Huge thank you to everyone who sponsored me!
Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and an awesome new year, love and light to you all. Xxxx

Serendipity in London

Yesterday, I found myself with a day to do whatever I wanted in London. My original plans had fallen through, so I decided to do a tour of esoteric bookshops and other shops around the Covent Garden/Tottenham Court Rd area. I got the tube there, and despite the downpour, managed to stay relatively dry as I wandered around.

First port of call was Watkins, where I had a lovely chat with the manager about stocking my books there, once the new print versions are ready. Then outside, I watched a Harry Potter tour group as they made magic… Cecil St is meant to have been the street that inspired Diagon Alley.

My next port of call was a shop called Silver Moon, which had magically disappeared… unless it is like Grimmauld Place, and only appears when the secret keeper gives you the password. In any case, I moved on to Mysteries, and had a lovely chat with a lady working there whose mission is to become an actress in spiritual movies. We chatted for a while about books and publishing, and I will be contacting the manager to see about stocking my books there too. I knew when I found Mysteries online, that I needed to visit, as the address is 9-11 Monmouth Street. I still see the numbers 911 every single day, and have done since 2008. (But that’s another story) and of course my nearest town at home is Monmouth… Very glad I listened to the signs and paid a visit.

Then I moved onto to the Atlantis Bookshop, which was sadly closed (I guess it was a bank holiday yesterday). It looked great, I will have to visit again. I briefly popped into the Astrology Shop, but it was so busy I didn’t stay too long. Then I moved onto Treadwell’s Bookshop, which is the home to many interesting books on Paganism and mythical lore. It definitely reminded me of a shop in Diagon Alley, and for the atmosphere alone I would recommend it. I didn’t see any fiction sections, but while making a purchase I decided to enquire about the possibility of stocking books there. The lady said they wouldn’t be interested, as fiction doesn’t sell well in their store, but a guy who was browsing at the time asked what I wrote. We started chatting and decided to get a drink in a lovely deli a few doors down.

It turned out that Clint, who is a writer and publisher from California, had also just done the same tour of shops that I had just done. So we were bound to cross paths at some point during the afternoon! We chatted for over an hour, about books and publishing and faeries and gnomes. Clint is the publisher of a rather delightful book called ‘Goblinproofing One’s Chicken Coop. And other practical advice in our campaign against the Fairy Kingdom’. It looks fantastic, and when we get more chickens, it will be a must-read I’m certain!

I gave Clint some I’m Here tour cards to take back to California with him, and though I didn’t leave any cards in Treadwell’s, I took this photo of Clint as part of the book tour:

 im here treadwells

It felt quite serendipitous, meeting Clint and having such a great conversation, especially seeing as I had only decided to do the little tour of bookshops at 11am yesterday morning. After a Californian hug goodbye, I headed back towards the tube station. On the way, I stopped by a supermarket to get some food to make up some food bags, which I distributed to some delightful homeless men on my way to the coach station. I also found a new home for the umbrella I received as a thank you for signing up for the New York Times at the Mind Body Spirit Festival.

All in all, it was a brilliant day, and I even made it to the coach station in plenty of time. I arrived home last night rather tired but happy!

I do love a little serendipity. Have you had a serendipitous experience? I’d love to hear about it.

A Fabulous Start

If you are at the Mind Body Spirit Festival this weekend, keep an eye out for me, I’ll be giving out free eBooks!

I'm Here Book Tour

The book tour is off to a great start, after giving out some of the free eBook cards out at Fiona Harrold’s Love and Money Salon last night, and then giving out many more at the Mind Body & Spirit Festival in Earl’s Court today. Met lots of old friends and made some new ones, you can see the photos in the Book Tour Gallery!

Then in the evening, Rebecca and I found a fabulous Vegan/Veggie Restaurant called 222. I put some cards in there for people to find and Rebecca also gave one to the couple next to us! The food was fantastic, would definitely recommend!



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The I’m Here Book Tour Begins…

…on Friday!

3d 2

I’m Here will be officially be available to buy on Kindle (print is coming soon!) and the rest of the Visionary Collection, with their new covers, will also be available on Kindle by this Friday.

I will be in London, for the Mind Body Spirit Festival in Earl’s Court, and I will begin giving out the free eBook cards!

As you can tell from the exclamation marks, I am quite excited by this, I must admit, I didn’t think I’d get it all done in time.

Remind me never again to try to publish four books, in print and on Kindle and orchestrate a never-tried-before world book tour/ giveaway, all at the same time!

It’s all been good fun though, and it has forced me to learn so many more new things that I can show to my Indie Author clients.

Once again, you can check out more information on the I’m Here Book Tour on the website, I’m happy to say that I have a few distributors already, but I would love lots more! So please, if you would like to get involved, then drop me an e-mail! I will be posting the first photos this weekend of the cards going out into the world! Also, a good friend of mine is in an event in Bristol this weekend, where she will be giving the cards out.

It really is happening. *does a happy dance* Time to go finish packing! Leaving for London first thing in the morning. I think I might have to surprise random kindle readers on the tube with the free eBook cards. What do you think?



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