An Earth Angel Photoshoot!

Wow, had so much fun yesterday! My amazing sister, Liz of Madapple Designs, came up to see me for the day, to take some new photographs of me. My current author photo makes me look far too serious and boring and a bit miserable, quite frankly, and considering I write about Faeries and aliens, it just didn’t fit! So I decided that I needed some photos that showed my fun side too. My sister was keen to extend her portfolio, and by the end of the day, we had some great shots! Now I just need to decide which ones to use as my author photo. There’s so many cool ones I may have to rotate them every month.

Here is Liz in action –

Madapple Designs

For the mermaid-style part of the shoot, we had Luc in charge of the hose (he only sprayed me a couple of times!!)



The final shots will be posted very soon, I just need to choose the best ones, Liz took close to 2000 shots!! Of course there are a few where I was making ridiculous faces, so that’s narrowed the process a bit. I now have a LOT of respect for people who model on a daily basis, posing all day is hard work!

I will post the final photos on here and on my facebook page later today.

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