I Libboo, do you?

Discovered a book website last week, called The idea is that authors put their books on there, then readers sign up to become ‘buzzers’. They then ‘buzz’ the books to their social media sites and the more ‘buzz hits’ they get, the more chance they have of qualifying for the freebie offered by the author (or publisher) which can be a free copy of the book, recognition online or a chat on Skype with the author. Russ King, author of Working from Home (which is very funny and a must-read for anyone who has ever been to a business networking meeting) explains the concept of the site better in his article on FutureBook.

Last week, my top buzzer was Lisa Randall, for buzzing The Elphite and the reward for recognition, so a big thank you to Lisa for buzzing about my book and getting the word out there! Here’s a special award for Lisa:

faerie book club award

Linen and Aria’s Faerie Book Club will be launching soon!

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