Linen & Aria’s Faerie Book Club

A while ago, I had the idea of starting a book club. And like many of my ideas, I just didn’t get the time to make it a reality. But now I am!

Starting in March 2019, the Linen & Aria Faerie Book Club on Facebook will explore the Earth Angel Series in greater depth, reading and discussing one book a month. There will be live sessions and discussions and readers can ask me anything they want about the series.

I’m really excited about the book club because it will give me a chance to re-read the books, revisit the characters and interact more with my amazing readers who helped to shape the series.

If you have read and loved the series, or not even started reading them yet, please do join us! I would love to see you there.



I Libboo, do you?

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Discovered a book website last week, called The idea is that authors put their books on there, then readers sign up to become ‘buzzers’. They then ‘buzz’ the books to their social media sites and the more ‘buzz hits’ … Continue reading