The Amethyst Angel Christmas Party!

The downside to working from home is that you don’t get to have a work Christmas Party. Well, normally, anyway.

Yesterday, Liz Lockwood, my good friend and editor, came over and we had our very own Amethyst Angel Christmas party. And I have to say, it was the best work Christmas Party I had ever been to 🙂 She arrived in the afternoon, and after some tea and cake, we went for a walk in the woods.


While walking we talked about the things we wanted to do in 2014, in preparation for our activity later! We also visited a couple of the places that inspired scenes in The Earth Angel Awakening.

me in woods me

Then we headed back to the house to start our activity for the day – creating our vision boards for 2014. We took a break part way through, to have our Christmas meal, which I must say, was very yummy!

me eating

wpid-20131211_195749.jpg wpid-20131211_195414.jpg

I even found my marbles! (They were in the crackers!)

me marbles

Then we went to finish our Vision Boards. Here is Liz with hers (she still has a bit of space to fill 🙂 )


And here is mine:

vision board

We finished off the evening with some silly Christmas Tree Selfies, and also with giving each other gifts. Liz gave me an awesome book full of Christmas decorations to make, which will keep me and the kids amused for hours and make the house look amazing!

liz cmas selfie


And I gave Liz a book that celebrates how awesome she is, and a shooting star.


It really was an awesome party, and we had way more fun than if we had gone out and drunk too much. I would encourage others to have parties where the main aim is to celebrate, eat good food, have good conversation, and do things that will help you to envision your future and inspire you.

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