Happy 2016!

Hello beautiful soul!

Just wanted to wish you all the best of everything you wish for in 2016. I took some time out over Christmas and New Year, and that little bit of extra head space has allowed all sorts of mad and wonderful ideas to pour in, and now I am in need of creating a plan to action them! Some of them are already in process, and I know that others will need crazy deadlines in order to become a reality. I have new characters and stories running around in my head and lines of dialogue where there should be rational thought. So despite my decision to hold back on writing and publishing in order to focus on the marketing and other work, it appears that the Universe has completely different ideas!

2015 was indeed an interesting year, and to summarise, I published two more books in the Earth Angel series, I worked in Scotland briefly, I took part in Campnanowrimo, I did a 30 day blog challenge, and most surprisingly to myself, I managed to use my organiser, Astrid, for the entire year! In fact, she has been stripped of old notes and the 2015 diary, and there are shiny new empty pages just waiting to be filled with plans for this year. When I began using Astrid in January 2015, I was nervous that she would end up the same way as so many previous diaries did, put to one side and forgotten. But we are still best buddies! In fact, I did a little makeover, using some free printables I found online:

12465652_10153157622497163_773484409_oTaking the time to do some small crafty projects over Christmas, reminded me just how much I love to create things. I wasn’t planning to make any resolutions this year, but I do hope to be more creative, and make boring things pretty!

I will be adding a few things to my vision board, and I will be setting my intentions and goals in the next few days. I have a feeling that 2016 is going to be very interesting, and I am going to do the exact opposite to what I tried to do in 2015 (which was make a plan) and I am going to go with the flow!

In other random news, I was very pleased to have just passed the 40k views mark on this blog over the last few days! I started the blog when I began my journey in 2011, and in that first year, my blog received a total of 251 views! In contrast to that, the views for 2015 came to just under 18k. They might seem like small numbers compared to some sites that receive thousands of views per day, but I think it’s quite an awesome achievement. My readers in 2015 came from a total of 139 different countries! Knowing that these words are read by amazing folk like you all over the world makes me want to really share things that will inspire, help and make you smile 🙂

I do hope to blog more often, I know that I slacked off towards the end of last year, when I got busy with creating the Earth Angel classes and with editing work.

Wishing you an awesome New Year, whatever you decide to do with it! Thank you so much for reading my posts and supporting me in the last year, I really do appreciate it!


A New Vision for 2014

In less than 30 hours, the new year will have begun. I feel that 2012 was a year of destruction (of old ways, old patterns and old relationships) 2013 was a year of transformation (finding new paths and new ways of being) and 2014, in my mind, is the year of making things happen. Of creating the reality that we actually want to live in.

In order to prepare for a year of making it happen, I feel that it’s important to have a clear vision. The clearer you are about where you want to go, what you want to do and accomplish, the better the reality you will create.

So, to begin with, I have my Vision Board, which I created with my publishing partner and long-time friend – Liz Lockwood.

vision board

Creating a vision board (or diary – I did a diary for 2013, and many of the things in there came to fruition, but that’s another blog post!) is very simple. You put pictures, photos, sketches, words etc on a board. Preferably in a place where you will see it often, so as to remind yourself to keep your activities in line with you dreams and goals. My board is currently propped up on my desk. I will probably stick it on the wall next to me. Having photos of yourself on the board is important – so that you are placing yourself in that reality.

The other thing you could do is simply sketch it. You don’t need to be an artist to do this, stick figures are fine. I watched this great TED talk the other day, where a lady called Patti Drobrowolski demonstrates how to do this.


This was my attempt at sketching my desired future!

desired new reality

So as you can see, no artistic skills required! But it was good to clarify things, to decide what I wanted.

Tomorrow is Marketing Plan day. and I plan to figure out how to market my books, and how to structure my time more efficiently. Which means that by the time January 1st rolls around, I will have in place everything I need to make things happen in 2014.

What are you going to make happen?


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