Versatile Blogger Award


Last year I was nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award, this year it’s the Versatile Blogger Award! I have been nominated by the wonderful Matt Campbell Nicely, who I know through doing the fabulously fun #FridayPhrases (or #FP for short) on Twitter, where you tweet poems, micro-stories etc. Thank you, Matt, I appreciate the nomination and also all of the retweets!

So, in order to pay it forward, as per the Award rules, I need to nominate 15 bloggers! So here goes:

#1. Drew Chial

#2. Miranda Adams

#3. Julie

#4. Little Miss Money

#5. George Hardwick

#6. Kat

#7. Oleander Plume

#8. Joe Johnson

#9. Liz Lockwood

#10. Unaware but Underlined

#11. Roger Jackson

#12. Joanne Blaikie

#13. Joanna Maciejewska

#14. Graham Milne

#15. Karen Soutar

and one more for luck!

#16. Greg Mischio

I hope you check out all the awesome blogs above!

Now, apparently I need to reveal seven things about myself, that the person who nominated doesn’t know, so here goes:

#1. I have a terrible memory, but I only need to listen to a song a couple of times, and I will know all the lyrics, and be able to sing along (although in a tuneless kind of way)

#2. I used to have pet slow worms (they’re like mini snakes) and lizards as a child . My cats would catch them, and I would look after them for a bit until they had healed, then release them again. I have a photo of me kissing one of the slow worms.

#3. I used to have a physical reaction to any kind of public speaking (bright red cheeks, stuttering, jelly knees, shaking hands) until 2012 when I used EFT to get over it. I now love speaking in public, to small and large groups. It’s usually hard to get me to shut up.

#4. I have a weird diet. I’ve always been a veggie, but I am also gluten-free, caffeine-free, mostly lactose free and very rarely drink alcohol.

#5. I have had prophetic dreams. Sometimes they are literal, and sometimes metaphorical. I dread dreaming of tornadoes.

#6. My favourite books as a child were the Sweet Valley books, by Francine Pascal. I used to dream of living in California, and always wanted a twin sister.

#7. Seven is my lucky number. Numerologically, it is my birth date number, and it is also the number for this year. It’s also Harry Potter’s Quidditch number!

Thank you again, Matt, and thank you to all the bloggers who make life more interesting. You’re all awesome. xx

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