Book Tour Updates!

I'm Here Book Tour

Just a little update to share some photos and a video that I created yesterday!

First of all, here is a photo sent in by Chip Jenkins, who is busy spreading the word about I’m Here in Brighton.

Then I received this photo from Tiffany Hathorn in Arkansas, who literally pounced on a lady going into a restaurant yesterday, asked her if she would like a free eBook and then got her to pose for this photo! If this is you, please do say hi! I hope you enjoy the book 🙂 It’s funny how the sign in the background says ‘It’s Here’!

searcy arkansas

To conclude this update, I recorded a video yesterday, explaining how the tour works, because there has been a little confusion along the way, so I hope it clears things up! (Of course, if anyone is willing to pay my travel costs, I would of course…

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