Dear Twin Flames,

I am writing this letter to you. You know who you are. You are the beautiful soul who is in pain right now. You are the wonderful being who is on this planet to make a difference. But in this moment, everything is clouded with the overwhelming and devastating feeling of loss.

Because you have found the one. The one who loves you unconditionally. The one who makes you feel alive. The one who fits perfectly. The one who makes you feel as though you have finally come home.

The one who has left you.

I know you are searching for answers. On the internet, in books, in movies. I know that you are looking for the secret, for the magic spell that will make it all right again. That will bring your Flame back to you, where they belong. And I know you have yet to find it. And that is because there is no secret. There is no magic spell. There is only the truth.

If you wish for a future with your Flame, you must let them go. You must cut the cords. You must say good-bye. And you must move on.

Focus all of your energy on yourself. On your mission, on your health, on your well-being. Focus on joy and laughter, and friendship and the beauty that surrounds you. It is only then, that you might find yourselves back on a path toward each other.

I am guessing that at this moment in time, you are shaking your head and thinking – “This woman has no clue! How could I possibly do any of that, when I feel like this? When I am in this pit of despair? She has obviously never been where I am.”

But I have, dear Flames. I have been there not just once, but several times. And the first time, well, I didn’t think I would survive it. It was so very dark in that pit, no light found its way to me. None at all. And I wished that someone could have told me what I am telling you now.

You will get through it. I know you will. You are much, much stronger than you realise. And though being with your Flame in this lifetime is indeed part of your journey, it is not the entire journey. There are many other reasons why you are here right now. And those reasons are very much worth living for. If you find that you move on, and you do not reunite with your Flame, do not fall into fear or despair, instead, remember what Dr Seuss said – “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.”  Last year, I bought a little sign that bore that quote. The reason I loved it, and it made me more joyful, is because I realised, finally, that even though I was not with my Flame at that time, I had been with him. I had experienced his love, I had felt the depth of our connection, I had been completely at home in his arms, and even if I never experienced those things again, I knew I was lucky. Because there are so many souls who have never and might never experience that. I was so grateful to have had those moments with my Flame, and though the darkness without him was overwhelming, I wouldn’t have traded in my moments with him for a lifetime without having ever met him.

And I know you wouldn’t either.

I hope this letter shines a little light in your direction, and that it begins the healing of your heart. It will be whole again one day, I promise. I am sending you so much love and the brightest light to you, my dear Flames, and I am asking the Angels to envelop you in their wings while you heal and nurture yourself. Please, if you are in need of a friend, reach out, send me a message. I do not think I have all the answers, but I can provide an ear and a shoulder.

Love and blessings to you all,



teaa losing twin flame

13 comments on “Dear Twin Flames,

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    I think this letter is wonderful, and it’s pretty objective too. Emotions can run high in a twinflame relationship, that through the stress and negativity, etheric cords developed and etheric cords can be difficult to be cut, especially because we have attachments. With some objectivity, a person can make a decision to heal and surrender, and see if there is any healthier options available.


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  3. My twin flame left this earth April 1st 2014 on our 3 year anniversary. Our relationship was no walk in the park by any means but the connection I felt with him was magnetic and unlike anything that I have ever felt before. He left me with a beautiful son and memories to last a lifetime but I just can’t express the connecting we had to each other and the feelings I experienced while with him. I am able to love again but deep down I know nothing will ever compair. I also know that he was called back for a reason and was suffering here on earth. I would give anything to feel his touch just one more time, to hear him whisper my name or say “I love you”. Thank you for your letter. Sincerely ~Rachel

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    • Dear Rachel,
      Thank you for sharing your story here with me, I know that nothing can touch the pain of separation from your Flame, but I hope that you know he is with you always, because the connection you have with him can never be broken, not even when you are in different dimensions.
      I understand the need to feel his touch and hear his voice, and my heart aches for you, beautiful Earth Angel. The only consolation I can offer you is that you have experienced this amazing connection, you know what it is like to be so deeply linked to another soul, and that is something that will stay with you always.
      Sending love and light your way, beautiful angel.


  4. Thank you for this letter….
    I have known I have had a special connection with someone for 14 years now… but we have never been able to make it work… I discovered about twin flames a few weeks ago, and have been reading up on it. this meant the world to me, as I have been in pain from the day we were together for the first time, as it wasnt our time to be together yet. I have never been in a good place in my life to let the energy in the way it deserves to be within us, and not sure he has been either. this gives me hope if I make peace with myself, than we may be able to come together one day. I have always known I would have to wait a long time for us to be together, just the pain of the separation is too much for me to bear sometimes. this is one of those times but I am just at one of my most saddest times in my life. Love for myself will bring his love to me.

    Thank you again 🙂

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    • Dear Heather, thank you for your comment, I am sending you so much love right now, the pain of separation from a twin flame is not something I would wish upon anyone!
      I would definitely encourage you to focus on yourself and on your mission, and trust that you and your flame will return to each other when the timing is right.
      Know that you are not alone, sweet angel, please do reach out when you are in the darkness.
      Gratitude and joy, Michelle.xx


    • My dear Richard, there are no words I can write that will make today any easier for you, but I promise you, that you are not alone, that despite the darkness, things will get brighter again, and that you are loved and surrounded by the angels always. Know that your Flame will always be with you, regardless of separation and distance, and that the time your had together was important. Focus now on your own mission, on healing and loving yourself, and know that everything happened exactly as it was meant to. Sending you so much light and hugs! Michelle xxx


  5. I’m sorry but exactly is it? cut the cord on your twin flame and move on, why are you not being honest here. Move on cos he is not into you should be more precise. Twin flames do not exist, I once believed in them strongly, but now I know, if that person wanted to be with you, they would be with you period. as much as it may hurt, you need to know this and move on with some sort of dignity. a runner runs, because they are not interested in you that way, a runner is rejecting you over and over again, only is trying to be kind. a runner is running away for a reason, the sooner we deal with it the better we will all be

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    • Hello Beautiful Soul,
      I can understand your feelings surrounding the idea of Twin Flames, it makes no sense that one would run if they truly loved the other. But I believe, based on my own experience, that there are many reasons why Flames run, and though one of the reasons may simply be that they have decided they don’t want to be in the relationship, often it is for a much deeper reason than that. They might be running because the connection is too intense, or because they’re afraid of revealing all of themselves to the other. Often, Flames meet before they are in the position where they can stay together, as their missions on Earth mean that they need to be somewhere else or even be with someone else.
      But all of the posts on this blog, and this response, is based on what I know personally to be true for me. Each and every person will have their own perspective and experience, and there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ process that all Flames go through. When I suggest to Flames that they cut the cords and focus on their own mission, I say that because it’s what I need to hear, what I need to do. But above all, we must each listen to out own hearts, to the whisperings of our own souls, because only we truly know what is going on.
      I honour your experience and am sending you love and light, I hope that you find the love that you are seeking, because you deserve to be loved and cherished, as we all do.


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