Taking Time Out

Apologies for the lack of posting recently, it seems like the Universe wanted me to take a little time out, which manifested in not feeling very well! I have blogged about this before, that if we don’t choose to take time out, to rest, relax and replenish, then we are likely to be forced to take time out, by our body or some incident that happens.

I had to cancel my day of readings and talk in Zenith in Leominster on Monday, because I didn’t feel well enough to go. I have spent the last three days doing very little, and yesterday I even switched off my phone and sat and read a book that I had been looking forward to – Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. There were so many things in the book that resonated with me, and there were many things that have opened my eyes to the way I view creativity, and how it may not be helping me to see it that way.

I would recommend getting a copy of the book, and also watching the latest episode of MarieTV, where Marie and Elizabeth talk about the book.

[youtube https://youtu.be/HyUYa-BnjU8]

I have still been working on the latest two books in the Earth Angel series, and I promise that I will reveal the cover the second it’s ready! Along with the release date for it. I am 30k words into the seventh book, which I still aim to release by Christmas.

So apologies in advance if I don’t get to write again for a bit, I am either editing or writing at the moment. But I promise to keep updating as much as I can. Now go buy Elizabeth’s book and get some Big Magic into your life 🙂

3 comments on “Taking Time Out

  1. Writing – and all that goes with the creative process – and then managing a blog and social media presence takes a lot of energy!

    I completely resonate with your post. We’re a week away from launching our next book and my health issues have worsened a little over the last month or so. I have tried to balance things, but know I didn’t do it all that well. 😉

    So good luck with your blogging break, and I hope everything works better because of it. Trusting in divine order for all that we experience – or are unable to.

    I downloaded your Earth Angels Series boxset just now, having thoroughly enjoyed the first few pages, and will post a little tweet about it later in the week. 🙂

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    • Hi Joanna, thank you for your comment, please do take some time out to nurture yourself too! I don’t tend to give myself days off, just keep going every day, sometimes until late at night, and evenetually my body rebels!
      I hope you enjoy the books, do let me know what you think! Sending love and healing.xxx

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