Letter to my Soul

Do you think it was effortless in the beginning? Do you think I found it easy? Do you think it all worked out perfectly? Of course not. But I had faith that everything would begin to harmonise, and that it would work out perfectly in the end.

Dear Soul,

Why do I keep choosing struggle over ease?

Love, Michelle.x


Dear Michelle,

Because you are human. And you have been for a very long time. Struggle is encoded into your very DNA.

But DNA can be changed. Can be re-coded. It all comes down to changing you thoughts, your beliefs of struggle. The struggling, starving artist, in your eyes, creates better art, do they not? You have said on many occasions that you do not create when you are happy – you create when you are hurting, when you are sad, when you are miserable.

It is in these moments that you can express your darkest feelings and pains – and in expressing these you connect with others who are also in that space. But that doesn’t mean that you have to always be in that space. Or if you do need to sit in the darkness at times – it needn’t be for long periods of time.

Time to yourself is so important. Cut off, switch off, be still, be with yourself. It is good for you. You used to sit on the beach and watch the waves, with no thought of needing to do something else, or be anywhere else. You would just be there.

Do not resist the struggle. Experience it, express it through your words, share your thoughts with others. You have no idea how many people have found comfort in your pain, because it is their pain also.

Write from your heart. Write from me, your soul. Write whatever the hell you want. Do not censor yourself. Do not hide.

If you are thinking it, chances are, thousands of other souls are thinking it too.


Just say it. Say it well.

Love the struggle, it’s your friend.

Love, your other friend,



I wrote this letter a while ago, not long after I wrote my first letter to my soul. I just found it in a notebook and felt the need to share it. Why not have a go at writing to your soul? You may be surprised by the reply. xx

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