I’m Here

I recently made this quote picture for I’m Here, because I love this picture, in fact, I very nearly used it for the cover of the book!


I posted the quote photo on Facebook, and my amazing Patreon supporter and Academy trainee, Kariel Tejai, said this about it:

“This was the first book I read by Michelle Gordon, whose wisdom helps me Remember the light that comes with the dawn. I am proud to be a patron of hers. Haunting, yet breathtaking in its weaving of hope and tragedy, and an ending that hurtled me towards an abyss – yet pulled me away in time to show me yes, there is hope on the brink of utter self-annihilation.”

Despite being the hardest book I have written yet, on an emotional level, I’m Here is my favourite of the Visionary Collection, because it illustrates the unconditional love possible between two people, even when the circumstances are not favourable. While searching for a quote, I re-read the end of the book, and it still strikes so many chords deep within me, and I know that it has done the same with many others.

Several readers actually broke up their current relationships after reading I’m Here, because they realised that they were not experiencing the kind of relationship they really wanted, and that they deserved the kind of love that the characters in the book were experiencing.

I’m Here helps to remind me that the ones we have loved who are no longer here, are just in a different dimension, and that they never leave us. All we need to do is speak their name, and they are listening. It also reminds me that our Guardian Angels are also always with us, and are waiting to help us. All we need to do is ask.

If you have read I’m Here, please consider leaving a review on Amazon, and comment below with your thoughts on the story or the characters. I would love to hear from you!

11 comments on “I’m Here

  1. Hi, I have read this book a few times, and it resonates so much for me. Not only through similar experiences but my perceptions of these experiences. It is very brave to write about this subject in such an intimate way. It has inspired me To listen more and trust more in my own feelings. Some of us are more connected whether we choose to be or not. I love the way the character deals with this apparent lack if choice!

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    • Hi Liz, thank you for your comment, I’m so glad the book has resonated with you and inspired you!

      It was certainly the hardest book I have written so far, because it was very personal and it was based on many of my own experiences.

      We most certainly are all connected 🙂


      • Hi again,
        I wondered if you could recommend any further reading on the subject of ‘communication’ receiving ‘messages’. I have spent a lot of time reflecting and wondering how to distinguish between our own thoughts and those that come through from elsewhere. I suppose it is a question if trust. If any particular book springs to mind please could you let me know. Many thanks Liz

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      • Hi Liz,

        That’s a great question, I will have a think, no books immediately come to mind. The easiest way I find to connect with spirit is through a visual writing meditation. I find meditation easiest in a group, so perhaps see if you can find a local group to meet with.

        Trust the information that comes to you, it often sounds like your own inner voice.

        I will let you know if any books come to mind though. Xxx


  2. Hi,
    Thankyou that sounds good. I will try to find a group. Or I may try on my own. I’m here really is a fantastic book. I wonder how many people it will inspire!
    Take care xxx

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    • You’re welcome 🙂
      Thank you, I do hope it inspires more people, please do recommend it to friends!
      Remember, if you do try to communicate with spirit always ask your angels to protect you and guide you as you do so. And ask that lower energies be kept away.
      Be safe.x


      • Hi
        I have some friends who are in book clubs, I will suggest this book to them.😊 That’s very good advice about asking for protection, it’s so important to know this before trying to communicate with spirits. I will tread very carefully, Thankyou

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      • That would be awesome! Would be happy to answer any questions the book club has after reading it.
        Protection is important in every day life too, against the lower energies of other people too.


      • Hi again I find I do need everyday protection from darker energies. I have so far not worked much with my abilities to communicate( I’m 43) as I was advised by an alternative therapist when I was in my teens to wait until I was older. I guess I have tried to tune it out as I seemed to attract the dark side of things. In my daily life I seem to attract problematic people. It’s frustrating as I often feel powerless in these situations. As if I have no choice. My boundaries seem inactive, not sure how to fix this. Any advice welcome! Liz xxx

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      • The darkness is often attracted to the light, and so many people dim their lights and tune it out so not to attract the dark. But if you know how to protect yourself, there is no need to be afraid of shining brightly. I tuned out until I was 20, after many experiences as a child scared me.
        The people you attract into your life are mirrors of the parts of yourself you are resisting/hating/hiding. Inner work on your own shadows will help you to attract less drama and more people vibrating on the same level. It’s not about boundaries, its about loving yourself and knowing what you love and what you won’t tolerate.
        Sending love and light.x

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  3. Reblogged this on Merlight and commented:
    I now realized I could reblog this post by Michelle Gordon. It was a pleasant surprise to be quoted, and I’m overjoyed that my short review meant this much. I didn’t know before stumbling upon this post how difficult “I’m Here” was for its authoress, my heart warms even more.

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