I’m Here

I recently made this quote picture for I’m Here, because I love this picture, in fact, I very nearly used it for the cover of the book!


I posted the quote photo on Facebook, and my amazing Patreon supporter and Academy trainee, Kariel Tejai, said this about it:

“This was the first book I read by Michelle Gordon, whose wisdom helps me Remember the light that comes with the dawn. I am proud to be a patron of hers. Haunting, yet breathtaking in its weaving of hope and tragedy, and an ending that hurtled me towards an abyss – yet pulled me away in time to show me yes, there is hope on the brink of utter self-annihilation.”

Despite being the hardest book I have written yet, on an emotional level, I’m Here is my favourite of the Visionary Collection, because it illustrates the unconditional love possible between two people, even when the circumstances are not favourable. While searching for a quote, I re-read the end of the book, and it still strikes so many chords deep within me, and I know that it has done the same with many others.

Several readers actually broke up their current relationships after reading I’m Here, because they realised that they were not experiencing the kind of relationship they really wanted, and that they deserved the kind of love that the characters in the book were experiencing.

I’m Here helps to remind me that the ones we have loved who are no longer here, are just in a different dimension, and that they never leave us. All we need to do is speak their name, and they are listening. It also reminds me that our Guardian Angels are also always with us, and are waiting to help us. All we need to do is ask.

If you have read I’m Here, please consider leaving a review on Amazon, and comment below with your thoughts on the story or the characters. I would love to hear from you!

We Are One

I intended to do so much tonight. I was going to write a blog post, write another lecture for the Academy, work on a new project I’m trying to get off the ground.

Instead, I ended up watching the White Helmets documentary on Netflix. And despite intending to just have it playing in the background (which would be impossible with all the subtitles anyway) I found myself riveted to the screen, and it wasn’t long before the tears came.

They are volunteers. They were formerly tailors, blacksmiths and builders. They help anyone in need – regardless of who they are, what they believe or how old they are. To them, every life is sacred. Their motto is:

To save a life, is to save all of humanity.

They know the truth, which is that we are all one. That every single one of the 400,000 people who have so far been killed in Syria are us, and we are them. One of them in the documentary is worried about his son, who he can’t get hold of. And he says – What does it matter? My son? Or someone else’s son? We are all the same. The White Helmets love their families, but they also see every person they save as their family.

They are truly heroes, Angels on this earth, risking their lives every day, because as well as the dangerous nature of the rescues, they are also being targeted by the bombers. But regardless of the danger, they see it is their duty to save as many lives as they can.

Their dedication, their courage, their faith and their insistence on holding onto hope – as one of them says – without hope, we are all dead – is truly inspiring and humbling. It makes me so incredibly thankful for all that I have.

Watch it now, it is something everyone needs to see. And visit their website to sign the petition to stop barrel bombs. It’s time for the killing to stop.

white helmets

Only the Essential Things Get Done

This weekend, I made a to do list, in an effort to be productive, and to make up for dropping the ball on the blog challenge on Thursday, Friday and yesterday. Instead of getting stuck into it yesterday, I met up with a friend and we visited Dyffryn Gardens, which is a beautiful National Trust house and gardens. We had an amazing time, and I took loads of photos which I’m putting on Instagram.

But it meant that I got nothing on my to do list done, except for the food shopping on the way home.

When I looked at my list this morning, all I could cross off was the essential things. Food and things that made money. Everything else? It hadn’t got done because it wasn’t essential. Up until Thursday last week, I had made writing a blog post every day an essential thing. Because I wanted to complete the challenge. But after missing a day, because I went to bed early, writing a blog post a day became a non-essential thing. So then it didn’t seem to matter if I missed Friday as well. And then also yesterday.

In order for things to get done – they must be essential. Now, I know you’re probably thinking, I do lots of things every day that aren’t essential – waste time on Facebook, watch pointless TV, spend hours chatting with friends, etcetera. Though that may be true, and these things are not essential, they also require no motivation or effort. Whereas the things that are non-essential on our to do list, often require a certain amount of motivation and effort to do. Unless we make them an essential thing, and therefore do them, whether we want to or not and whether we have the energy or not. Motivation is not needed.

Does any of this make any sense? One of the things on my to do list recently was getting the audiobook of The Earth Angel Training Academy done, and released. I had been making good progress, and sent the first few chapters to a friend who has not read the book, but loves audiobooks. On Friday, I received a message from her saying: “Can I have the second half of the book now please!!??” Which has now made the audiobook an essential thing I must do!

So have a look at your list. What is essential? What can be made essential? Because truly, only the essential things will get done.




What’s the Story?

Morning glory?

What is your story? What do you tell other and yourself every day about you? What do you say you can do? You can’t do? What do you say you hate? Who do you say you hate? What are your most repetitive thoughts about your faults, your limitations, your imperfections?

Write them all down. Then look at them.

Are any of them actually true? Or are they just stories?

I have always told the story that I am not a morning person. Always. Hate the mornings. Only time I don’t mind is when camping, and that’s only usually because the sunrises are amazing, and it’s too hot in the tent, and I need air.

Other than that – NOT a morning person. AT ALL.

I always feel fuzzy headed if I get up early. I feel more tired. I never get things done early in the morning.

All just stories. All lies too.

I started working in a normal job this week, needs must and all. And on the first day, I was sat in traffic for 30 mins. It was so boring! I thought to myself – if I left earlier, I would miss the traffic, and get to work in plenty of time to do something I want to do before I start.

So for the last two days, I have been getting up at 6am. Leaving the house at 7am, missing all the traffic, seeing the most beautiful sunrises, and then getting to work with and hour and a half to do what I want. In that time, I have edited a chapter and a half of audio book. Then I have been working, getting home by 5, eating, watching TV to chill out, then watching my awesome friend, George Hardwick on FB live, writing a blog post, catching up with friends, making my lunch for the next day, and getting into bed by 10.30pm.

I have never felt more awake and productive and energetic.

I have changed my story. I am a morning person. I am more productive when I get up early. I can get my own stuff done and work 9 to 5.

Being a morning person is not genetic, it’s a story. It’s a programmed, conditioned thought. And I have changed it. I am reprogramming myself. I am really enjoying my early mornings, my tea in my travel mug. and getting the audio editing done (creating the audio book is another thing I thought I would hate doing, and resisted for ages. I’m really enjoying it!)

So what are your stories? What would you like to change? Think about it. Write it down. Then rip it up and write a new story.

Tea & Editing at 7.30am

Tea & Editing at 7.30am

Time to Feel

When we go through painful situations, we often will do anything not to feel the pain. Not to experience the hurt. Not to feel the embarrassment, sadness, grief, anger etc. So we block it out. With alcohol, or Facebook, or books or movies or actually running away to somewhere else.

When we desperately want something or someone who we know is toxic for us, whether it’s a person or a cigarette, we find that we don’t have the will power to stop ourselves from picking up the phone or the lighter, because we can’t bear to feel what we are feeling. We can’t bear to crave something. We can’t bear to miss someone. We can’t bear the longing and the heartbreak and the desperation.

But what if we just felt it? What if we just dove into those feelings and really allowed them to be? Perhaps we would break the addiction. Break the cycle. And release the feelings.

It’s hard to do that when we have spent so many years avoiding it. But it’s time. Time to stop running away from our feelings and running towards the drama; instead go deeply into the feelings and feel them, acknowledge them, accept them.

Once you have done that, you can move on. You will no longer be running away. You will be moving toward your joy. Toward things that are healthy. Towards your dreams.

Of course, I’m not saying to stop using Facebook, or watching movies or reading books. But I am saying that when you do those things, do them because you enjoy them. Not because you’re using them to escape your feelings.

You might find that the feelings you’ve been avoiding really aren’t the monsters you’ve made them out to be.

Sending you love, you are strong. You are beautiful. You can create a life that you don’t need to escape from. I believe in you.

the other side

All About Twin Flames

I was looking through my summaries the other day, and I realised that my most popular posts are about Twin Flames, which isn’t surprising, I guess, it’s a topic that many want to know more about. So I thought it might be an idea to list links to my most popular posts on Twin Flames here, for easy reference.

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Sending love out to all the Twin Flames, whether they are together, apart, or have yet to find each other yet. xxx

Let It Go!

I know you just started singing the song from Frozen…. hehe

But honestly, it’s time to let go. Of the old stories, of the past, of the pain, of the grief, of everything that is stopping you from shining and loving and enjoying your life! I have discovered recently, much to my utter embarrassment, that I am a total Drama Llama! I love the drama! I love the stories! The dramatic, tragic, terrible stories are the best for retelling over and over! And I have so many! (yes there is an overuse of exclamation marks already, it’s the Drama Llama in me, sorry)

Let go.

It’s my main message to myself and to my friends right now. Let of having to control everything. Of having to be perfect, of having to do everything right, of having to please everyone. Of being a Drama Llama!

Let go.

We are choosing to hold on, to repeat old patterns, to remain stuck.

Let go.

Time to create new patterns, new neural pathways (yup getting fancy now) new habits and a new way of life.

This is a short post, because really, there’s only so many times you can repeat ‘Let go’ before it gets annoying. So I will leave you with this quote photo, the quote is from my upcoming book, the 7th one in the Earth Angel Series, which is due out this winter!

let go

Underwhelmed and Overwhelmed

I have so many blog posts I want to write. I have a huge list of books I want to write. I have craft projects I desperately want to dive into. I have online classes to create. I have books I want to read, movies I want to see, projects I want to work on, friends I want to visit, places I want to explore, and so much I want to discover.

It’s overwhelming. Just my to-do list alone is a mind map of madness. Just picking one thing and getting it done is difficult. The only reason I’m getting this blog post written is because it’s nearly midnight and I’m doing the 30 day blog challenge and I want to win it! But otherwise, choosing a task, then seeing it through, is overwhelming. What to choose first? I often ending up choosing the easy stuff, the fun stuff, but that doesn’t always really get me anywhere.

While visiting New York City this summer on my book tour, we saw a lot of awesome street art, but though this was one of the simplest ones, it struck a chord:


Right now, that is exactly where I am. As overwhelmed as I am with what I want to do, I am equally as underwhelmed with the motivation to do it! It’s not because I’m not doing things I love, because I am. It’s not because I don’t want to do these things, because I do. But sometimes, I just want to stay in bed and do absolutely nothing, because I haven’t got the oomph to give anything my all. But despite being an adult who could actually stay in bed all day and no one would tell me off or tell me I couldn’t, I instead get up and keep going, keep chipping away at the endless to-do list, and getting stuff done.

But sometimes, a period of non-action and non-doing is exactly what is needed. To retreat from the world, go within, and have a deep rest. Without feeling guilty or lazy!

I often wait until I am ill or injured before I allow myself to chill out and relax, and it’s quite ridiculous. In fact, I trapped a nerve in my back yesterday, and was in a lot of pain. Did I stop? Nope! It’s been better today, but incredibly sore, but I still haven’t stopped. Even with little motivation to get things done, I haven’t stopped.

I have no idea what the point of this blog post is, not really sure where I got the idea that every blog post had to have a point, actually. I guess I just wanted to say, if you feel overwhelmed by everything you need to do, and underwhelmed with the motivation to do it – you’re not alone. Cut yourself some slack. If you want to stay in bed for a day, go ahead and do it! Don’t wait until you’re hurting or ill to allow yourself to rest.

On that note, time to sleep.

Enjoy Every Day

Today did not go at all the way I expected it to.

It was a million times more interesting, fun and happy!

14284933_10153692398572163_153565578_o14247553_10153692398547163_861544641_oI had some boring things on my list to get done, which involved a trip into Cardiff. Once those things were taken care of, I decided to buy some snacks and bottles of water to give out to a few homeless people, in the hopes it might brighten their day a little. Then I went to check out the awesome graphics in St David’s Shopping Centre that my very talented sister, Liz, created.




When I got back, I heard that an old friend needed some photos taken at her concert this evening, and so instead of staring at my laptop all evening, I decided to go and take some pictures and videos. I was blown away by the music, she really had put a lot of energy into organising the concert, and was not only conducting the choir and orchestra, but was also playing the harp for several numbers as well! I was really impressed with her confidence and her talent, and was really glad that I went along! A school friend was also in the orchestra, and it was great to see her after so many years!


After the concert, I got some chips and drove down to a beach I spent a lot of time on as a teenager. I sat and ate in the car, then went outside, and stood in the full force of the sea breeze. It felt like I let everything go in that moment, and opened the door to a fresh start, a new beginning.

Today was filled with lots of little magical moments, funny moments, awe-inspiring moments, and beautiful moments. And I realised that every single day could be this way, if I just go with the flow, stay open to last-minute plans, take every opportunity to help others in any way I can, and simply enjoy myself.

In numerological terms, today’s date is 9.9.9. And with 9 being a number of completion, it feels as though it is the perfect day to say good-bye to old ways, old habits, old thinking and an old life. Tomorrow, is a brand new adventure. And I intend to enjoy every moment of it.

Famous Banana Pancake Recipe

I warned you I would start posting recipes, didn’t I? Well, this is a special recipe, because I’m quite famous for it! It’s ludicrously simple and incredibly yummy, and is gluten-free and vegan too!

To make it a tiny bit more interesting, I have done it as a photo recipe. Enjoy! (let me know if you try it and love it!) It make about 3 small pancakes. I have a tiny one-egg frying pan which is perfect 🙂

Ingredients! (Choc spread optional, leave it out to make vegan, obviously)


Mash the banana with a fork


Until it looks like this


Add some gluten free self raising flour (or normal flour if you're weird)

Add some gluten-free self-raising flour (or normal flour if you’re weird)


Mash the flour into the banana

Mash the flour into the banana


Keep adding flour and mashing it in until the mixture is so thick the fork stands up (or you get bored of mashing)

Keep adding flour and mashing it in until the mixture is so thick the fork stands up (or you get bored with mashing)


Add some water this was too much water, add a small amount at a time)

Add some water (this was too much water, add a small amount at a time)





Mixey mash the water in until it looks lumpy and runny like this.

Mixey mash the water in until it looks lumpy and runny like this.

Put some coconut oil in the pan and let it heat up a bit

Pour some mixture in and cook on very low heat until it starts bubbling then flip it  (if you have done a very thick one, then you may need to flip it while it's still runny on the top)

Pour some mixture in and cook on very low heat until it starts bubbling then flip it (if you have done a very thick one, then you may need to flip it while it’s still runny on the top)





Add favourite toppings, then consume.

You’re welcome! Oh and if you want to make enough for friends, simply add more bananas and more flour and more water. Yeah, it’s that scientific… you could add chocolate powder to the mix too…