The Shack

The other night I snuggled down with my latest sewing project and watched The Shack. I had read the book many years ago, and the story had always stayed with me. Family go on camping holiday, dad’s attention is diverted for a few minutes, youngest child goes missing, her clothing is found and she is presumed dead. The father, who is distraught, visits the shack where her clothing was found, and has an experience that changes his life forever.

The film is beautifully acted and shot, and although it has religious tones to it, it is more on the spiritual than dogmatic side. By the end of it, I had big, hot tears soaking into my jumper, my sewing forgotten on my lap. The film addresses the ultimate question, something I have been struggling with recently, which is –

Can we truly forgive those who have hurt us, or the one we love?

Can we truly show them compassion, understanding and even love?

Watching The Shack helped bring me closure on a situation with someone, helped me to forgive them and let them go, and I find that yet again, I have found a movie that is not simply just a piece of entertainment, but an instrument of life change.

I wrote a post a while ago about my favourite spiritual movies, and I think this one has just become my number one.

Have you read or watched The Shack? What are your thoughts? Have you forgiven anyone who has hurt you?

7 comments on “The Shack

  1. Haven’t seen/read it yet.

    Yes, I have. Because to me, forgiveness is to not hold an act against the person(s) held to one’s question. It is not to forget or move on. It is to no longer hold to an act as reason to remain in stagnation or degradation. It does not mean that forgiveness frees one from the effects, it means having courage to grow through and with the affect. The act may reappear in ways unexpected or not, but forgiveness cannot erase nor blot what was done. What forgiveness may do is present an opportunity to live.

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  2. Yes! I have watched The Shack and I was crying bucket loads of tears because it was just so enlightening and beautiful! I believe that forgiveness can be a wonderful act of letting go, you don’t always have to forgive the act that was committed itself, but you can forgive the past so that you can live in the present again and heal 🙂

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