Spirit Warrior – Robert Tremblay


Welcome to the latest post in the Spirit Warrior Series in which I am featuring Spirit Warriors I know. These are men who have made the transition from very ‘normal’ careers, some quite masculine in their nature, to a more spiritual calling. Many men are making this shift from the physical to the meta-physical, and they have allowed me to share their stories with you, in the hopes it will inspire and uplift you, especially if you are thinking of doing the same thing.

The Spirit Warrior I would like to introduce you to is Robert Tremblay. I have only recently connected with Robert, he is an amazing soul full of light.

MG: Robert, can you tell everyone what it was you used to do?

Spirit Warrior: Prior to my illness and awakening I spent 20 years teaching management practices in the sales and finance industry. I became an accredited national speaker with high energy and a huge ego to deliver motivating ways to lead and succeed. Prior to that I was in the military and then Police work.

MG: What is it you currently do?

twenty secondsSpirit Warrior: I am since September 2015 a published Author. I continue my passionate speaking about my experience and survival around the world.

MG: What inspired the shift?

Spirit Warrior: On February 27, 2011 I died in a hospital bed in Vermont, after suddenly being diagnosed as terminal.  I had a near death experience that changed everything about me at exactly the right time, like many others.

MG: Were there financial implications? What was it like to go from a regular paycheck to being self-employed?

Spirit Warrior: It was the most freeing experience for me to finally see that the thing I had chased all of my life was a block to finding my own riches deep inside my soul.

MG: Did you get support from your friends and family?

Spirit Warrior: During my long ordeal with illness, yes. Although some completely disappeared during that time, they had difficulty dealing with my impending death.  After my awakening, many took positions on my new persona and to this day, most still stay further away than they did prior to my NDE.

MG: Have you ever been judged, criticised or ridiculed for your decision to transition from the physical to meta-physical?

Spirit Warrior: Oh yes…although I might question the “decision”” aspect of the question… Although most don’t verbalize the judgement directly to me…their absence and lack of engagement in regards to my true purpose remain clear.

MG: Have you ever considered returning to your old career?

Spirit Warrior: Ironically, I tried three separate times to return…each time I made it 3 months before I found myself sick again.

MG: What gets you through the tough moments?

Spirit Warrior: Keeping busy with new experiences helps me through the tough spots…whether it be physical or emotional in nature.

robertMG: Can you share you favourite spiritual practice with us?

Spirit Warrior: Everyday since my awakening I rarely miss a sunrise or sunset…this is my meditation.  At sunrise when the first light of the day hits my face I just simply say thank you… It is in these moments that I think of everything I am grateful for.

MG: Are you more in tune with your inner self? With your intuition?

Spirit Warrior: I have spent many years resisting my intuition.  I don’t anymore… Now I find nearly every answer I need comes at exactly the right time, manner and sequence.

MG: Do you express your feelings and emotions more easily?

Spirit Warrior:  Certainly much different now, yes.  It flows so freely that I find it would be impossible not to.

MG: What has been the best and worst parts of making this shift?

Spirit Warrior: The worst part was the feeling of being alone at first…not understanding that there are others going through the same thing – it was a great gift to find a community. The best part is the childlike ways I experience nearly every minute. Seeing things like it is the first time and feeling it all.

MG: If you could go back in time and change the past, would you choose to do it all over again?

Spirit Warrior: I would not change anything about the past or what brought me there.  It shaped and polished me…finding this love for myself was the very trigger of my healing.

MG: Is there anything else you would like to share?

Spirit Warrior: Finally finding the correlation between positive thinking and healing and seeing it in action was a ‘holy cow’ moment where I found that positive thinking isn’t a sports logo. It is a universal law of nature.  The great epiphanies I experience every day on topics I never knew interested me prior, has been liberating.  When I realized that being present and mindful of the moment and the gratitude that goes with it was the best discovery I have ever found. In moments like these I connect to a universal stream of energy and knowledge I hadn’t even considered prior. It is in this “place” that all the answers lie. Answers to questions I didn’t even know I had.


MG: Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful insights with me, and with my readers.

Spirit Warrior: It was such a pleasure…thank you for continuing to share your beautiful soul with this world.


If you would like to check out what Robert is doing his links are below. Thank you for reading, there will be another Spirit Warrior featured very soon.

Blog – roberttrombley.blogspot.co.uk

Book – Twenty Seconds

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Fantasy is My Reality

light quote other side

Yesterday, a friend of mine forwarded me a link to the website of a lady called Dolores Cannon. Dolores is a hypnotherapist, who has spent the last 40 years working with thousands of clients, taking many of them into their past lives. She has written 17 books, which she has written as non-fiction. Her latest book is The Three Waves of Volunteers, and sounds very much like the concept of Earth Angels. The concept that there are beings from other planets, dimensions and realms who have come to Earth to help with the Global Awakening. Just doing a little Googling, I found many comments that she is merely a ‘great science fiction writer’ and that her work is nothing but imagination and fantasy. I have a great respect for anyone who has the courage to stand up and say – this is what I have experienced, this is what I believe, and then putting it out into the world.

It got me thinking about why I prefer to write my books as fiction, even though they are written about topics that are very real to me, and there are situations and events and concepts within them that are very real. I think it’s because I prefer to be able to create freely. Non-fiction books usually have research and facts that need checking and backing up – in fiction, you can do whatever you wish. And as we live in a creative universe, I prefer to be free of these restrictions and write whatever I want. Also, I realised that though I may believe in the truth in my books, I don’t actually need anyone else to believe it. I am more than happy for my readers to looks at my books as fun stories, as interesting concepts and as pure fantasy. I do find, that many readers have found things in my books that resonate with them, and that inspire them to look for more information, and that is where the non-fiction books then come in very useful, because they can look for the texts that back up these new realisations.

A fabulous book I have just finished reading, is Infinite You by Pamala Oslie. I met Pamala in LA last February and attended one of her workshops. I bought her book – Life Colours, because I really resonated with what she said during the workshop. At the end of the workshop, she began telling us about her experience with parallel universes, and for the last year, I have recounted one of her stories to many people. That story is told in Infinite You, and I really would recommend it. Some of the concepts about parallel universes are much like the ideas that came to me back in 2007 when I came up with the concept of choosing your own reality. It was amazing to hear someone else validate these ideas, making me feel like I wasn’t just a little crazy. Choose Your Own Reality is the only non-fiction book I have written, and it’s a very short one, that I wrote in just a day. It contains a very simple method to choosing your own reality. (Choose Your Own Reality is now a bonus book at the end of The Doorway to PAM)

My current novel-in-progress has many real-life incidents and events in it, but I have fictionalised it so that it will be almost impossible to tell which bits actually happened and which parts didn’t. In some ways I have done this to protect the people who inspired the story, (including myself) but mainly it’s because I think books should primarily entertain and inspire people, and being restricted to recounting the truth (or at least, my perception of the truth) may jeopardise that.

So I’d like to do a shout-out to all the brave Earth Angels out there, including Dolores and Pamala, who are standing out from the crowd and who are helping the rest of us to Awaken with their words and their insights. You are truly remarkable beings, and you are doing an awesome job. Thank you.x