Living on the Edge

cn tower3The first city we visited on our trip to Canada and the States this summer, was Toronto. Somehow, we were not feeling jet-lagged, and after waking up at 6am on the Monday morning, we decided to head into the city, and see some sights. I visited Toronto nearly 20 years ago, when I was visiting my best friend. She lived in the city for three years when we were teenagers. So I had been up the CN Tower, but I loved it, especially the glass floor! So Mum and I headed there, and went up the tower. There was a new feature, whereby you could actually be harnessed up and hang off the edge of the outside of the tower. cn tower4Of course, that did not appeal to either of us in the slightest! Instead, we enjoyed lunch overlooking the city, and took a zillion photos, and lay down on the glass floor.


Afterwards, we left the tower and took a zillion more photos from underneath it. I was playing around with my big lens, and realised something. I could see a tiny person hanging off the edge of the tower.

cn tower

My first thought was – what a nutter! Why on earth would you hang off the edge of the CN Tower? Why would you pay a lot of money to hang off the edge of the CN Tower? Then I realised that actually, when I was 13 years old, and I was jumping up and down on the glass floor, over a thousand feet in the air, I felt amazing. Like I could do anything. And if I felt like that standing safely inside on the glass floor, how amazing must it be to hang off the very edge, with no net, just a strap holding you onto the building.

I imagine that after that, things seem easy. I had the same invincible feeling after doing a firewalk in 2013. I was utterly terrified, but I felt so amazing afterwards. Like I could tackle anything.

More people joined the person on the edge, each putting their arms out wide, like they were flying. I took this photo of the five of them, and indeed, if this picture is of you, I have lots more pictures, so get in touch and I’ll send them to you! (It was May 16th, at 1:50pm)

cn tower2

What about you? Is there something you have done that has made you feel like you could handle anything from that point onwards? Is there something that terrifies you that you wish you could do? Maybe you have done the CN Tower thing, if so, let me know what it was like!


Unleash the Power Within!

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