Raising Funds to Publish

I recently set up a Go Fund Me campaign to raise money to publish the next book in the Earth Angel series. Being a completely Indie Author, I have so far funded the publishing of all eight of my books myself, with the help of some beautiful people who want to see me succeed.


I created the campaign because I would love to invite my readers and fans to get involved, and to help me to bring the next book in the series into the world, and to also be able to get stock to do some Mind Body Spirit shows and get the books out there to even more people.

I guess the sensible thing to do, would have been to set a budget for each of my books, for the editing and publishing costs, so that I could see how much I had spent on each one. But I never did that. I am planning on writing a post on my publishing blog about budgeting for publishing a book, because if you approach publishing books as a hobby, you’ll end up just spending loads of money on unnecessary things, and it’ll end up really expensive. If you approach it as a business from the outset, then you are more likely to decide on a budget and stick to it, and also, if you keep better records of everything, it makes everything much easier comes tax return time!

I am so very thankful to everyone who has donated to the campaign so far, your support is very much appreciated. I plan to list all of the donors in the new book, which I haven’t begun editing yet, but do intend to release in March. If you would like to help me with the publishing costs, please know that every little bit helps and that I am very grateful to have your support.


Asking for Help

I know that the inability to ask for help is a common problem for Earth Angels. We are so independent, so determined that we can sort everything out for ourselves, that the idea of saying – I need help – seems too hard. Because we came here to help others. We came here to assist with the Awakening, to help other souls figure out their mission, and understand their own purpose.

But the truth is, we cannot do everything by ourselves, nor do we need to. If we all helped each other, then we would make things a whole lot easier. I have had the help and support of many beautiful Earth Angels over the years, and I am so grateful to them. They have believed in me, they have encouraged me, and they have loved me. But even with their help and support, the truth is, for the last few years, I have been hanging on by a thread financially. I have been trying to get my business and my books off the ground and into the world, but financing the publication of eight books, and only having a sporadic income, has meant that things have spiralled out of control.

I have tried to make it all work, but honestly, I am no good with finances. I hold my hands up and completely admit to that. I’m not. But this is the year that I am changing all of that. I will not let myself go around in circles, or continue in this cycle. I WILL find a way that I can sort it all out.

In the meantime, I need help. There. I said it. In order to publish my next book, which I have already written, and to buy more stock for shops and Mind Body Spirit fairs, I need to raise some money. I have started a campaign on Go Fund Me, and if you have enjoyed my books, and you would like to invest in the creation of the next book, every single penny helps.

My plan for this year is to write as many books as I can, and to start making a living from my writing. Because every time I have to abandon my writing in order to make money, I feel as though I am just sleepwalking, as though I have abandoned my purpose on this planet. And I have done that too many times now. 2015 is the year to truly go for it. And if there is something that you were put on this planet to do, but you’re not doing it, I would urge you to do it. Now. It’s not easy, and sometimes it feels like a crazy decision, to follow your heart, your passion, but I promise you, it will be worth it in the end.

That’s what I’m counting on, anyway.

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Thank you for your help, I love you.xxx