Michelle Gordon and the Epic Harry Potter Party

A year ago right now, I was getting the last-minute things ready for my Harry Potter theme party to celebrate turning 30. I had already sent out the invites by owl, had begun to turn the house into Hogwarts, and made a lot of chocolate frogs. Having done two other Harry Potter parties already by this point, one for my best friend, Liz Lockwood, and another for a very good friend, Annette, I already had many of the props and decorations. I created a site to house all the photos, called Lumos Parties. 

Despite the crazy weather on the day, we all had a great time, though the quidditch match was cut a little bit short!

It was great to see some friends I hadn’t seen in a while, and to drink butterbeer and eat Hagrid cake. My sister was a fantastic Professor Trelawney, and her readings really were quite accurate! (Which freaked a few people out!)

Anyway, just thought I would post a little gallery of my favourite photos, and the video I created of the day. Can’t quite believe it was a whole year ago though, will be 31 in a few days!

[youtube http://youtu.be/iU8v72kYaPw]


Sorting out the Editing!

The weather has been so beautiful in the UK this week, that I decided to spend the day editing my new novel, I’m Here, in the sunshine. Increasing the brightness of my screen solved the visibility issue, but the sun was getting a bit too bright for my eyes, and seeing as I don’t own any prescription sunglasses, a hat was needed.

Well, this was all I could find…


Sat in the sun, wrapped in a blanket and wearing a sorting hat. Can editing get any better than this?

Yes, it is a leather sorting hat. I created it for the Harry Potter parties that I did last year for friends, and my own in January. I thought it would get too heavy after a while, but I have worn it for the morning, and thanks to the amazing hat, I have finished the first edit of my novel. Because of writing the novel over such a long period of time, there were a few inconsistencies that needed clearing up, as well as a couple of threads that needed tying up at the end. I’m ready now to pass it over to my editor and my trusty beta readers, to get their feedback. As yet, no one else has read it, so the jury is still out on whether it is any good. Seeing as I plan to publish it by the end of May, I’m crossing my fingers that it is!

Joking aside, I cannot stress how important the editing stage is. It still amazes me when authors put their work out without having it edited or proofread by someone other than themselves. I do edit my books quite a lot, but I know that having another pair of eyes, (or two or three pairs) is invaluable. I’m not saying that my books will be completely error-free, but I do strive to get them as good as humanly possible before releasing them into the world.

Very, very soon, I will be revealing the new covers for the Visionary Collection, including the cover for I’m Here. I absolutely adore them, and I cannot wait for you to see them. But until then, have a giggle at my mad editing selfie 🙂