Let It Go!

I know you just started singing the song from Frozen…. hehe

But honestly, it’s time to let go. Of the old stories, of the past, of the pain, of the grief, of everything that is stopping you from shining and loving and enjoying your life! I have discovered recently, much to my utter embarrassment, that I am a total Drama Llama! I love the drama! I love the stories! The dramatic, tragic, terrible stories are the best for retelling over and over! And I have so many! (yes there is an overuse of exclamation marks already, it’s the Drama Llama in me, sorry)

Let go.

It’s my main message to myself and to my friends right now. Let of having to control everything. Of having to be perfect, of having to do everything right, of having to please everyone. Of being a Drama Llama!

Let go.

We are choosing to hold on, to repeat old patterns, to remain stuck.

Let go.

Time to create new patterns, new neural pathways (yup getting fancy now) new habits and a new way of life.

This is a short post, because really, there’s only so many times you can repeat ‘Let go’ before it gets annoying. So I will leave you with this quote photo, the quote is from my upcoming book, the 7th one in the Earth Angel Series, which is due out this winter!

let go

Enjoy Every Day

Today did not go at all the way I expected it to.

It was a million times more interesting, fun and happy!

14284933_10153692398572163_153565578_o14247553_10153692398547163_861544641_oI had some boring things on my list to get done, which involved a trip into Cardiff. Once those things were taken care of, I decided to buy some snacks and bottles of water to give out to a few homeless people, in the hopes it might brighten their day a little. Then I went to check out the awesome graphics in St David’s Shopping Centre that my very talented sister, Liz, created.




When I got back, I heard that an old friend needed some photos taken at her concert this evening, and so instead of staring at my laptop all evening, I decided to go and take some pictures and videos. I was blown away by the music, she really had put a lot of energy into organising the concert, and was not only conducting the choir and orchestra, but was also playing the harp for several numbers as well! I was really impressed with her confidence and her talent, and was really glad that I went along! A school friend was also in the orchestra, and it was great to see her after so many years!


After the concert, I got some chips and drove down to a beach I spent a lot of time on as a teenager. I sat and ate in the car, then went outside, and stood in the full force of the sea breeze. It felt like I let everything go in that moment, and opened the door to a fresh start, a new beginning.

Today was filled with lots of little magical moments, funny moments, awe-inspiring moments, and beautiful moments. And I realised that every single day could be this way, if I just go with the flow, stay open to last-minute plans, take every opportunity to help others in any way I can, and simply enjoy myself.

In numerological terms, today’s date is 9.9.9. And with 9 being a number of completion, it feels as though it is the perfect day to say good-bye to old ways, old habits, old thinking and an old life. Tomorrow, is a brand new adventure. And I intend to enjoy every moment of it.