Once in a Blue Moon…

Since the blue moon at the end of August, my life has suddenly become a hive of activity. I’ve literally never been so busy before. Ever. Just the thought of the events I have planned for the next few weeks has my head spinning.

This weekend, for example. Tomorrow (Friday 21st) I am doing my Earth Angel 4Sight for the Monmouth 4N group. Then in the evening I have arranged an evening with Ray Ball, for my friends to have readings with him.

On Saturday, I am at the Fox & Elm pub in Gloucester, for a Mind Body Spirit fair, where I will be selling my books and cards.

On Sunday, I am at another Mind Body Spirit fair, this time in the Speech House Hotel, in Coleford. I will be selling my books and also doing a talk in the afternoon, about Earth Angels.

The next few weeks will be continuing in this busy fashion, and I am also of course working on The Elphite, which will be released on the 20th December, (the countdown has begun!) I will also be working on my next novel, by taking part in the November Nanowrimo.

I know. At some point I will have to sleep, eat, etc. But at the moment, I’m just enjoying the wild ride!

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