A Mad Weekend!

Well. Last weekend was a whirlwind of events! It started off with my Are you an Earth Angel? 4sight at the 4N meeting in Monmouth. It went very well, though after the raucous laughter at the Chepstow meeting, I wasn’t prepared to just have my audience sit quietly and listen avidly to my every word… but judging by the thoughtful questions and hugs afterwards, I think it was enjoyed by all. You can see Maz Hawes tweet about it here!

Friday night, was the Psychic Evening with Ray Ball. Myself and seven friends gathered in John and Annette‘s yurt to have readings from Ray. The atmosphere was lovely, and everyone loved the yurt, especially my sister, Liz! Everyone was very impressed with Ray’s accurate readings, and loved his genuine and lovely nature. Ray told me lots of amazing things that are going to happen in my life in the next 15 months, I will let you know if they happen! (Aww, come on, you didn’t think I was going to tell you what he said, did you??)

On Saturday, the Mind Body Spirit fair in Gloucester was not very well attended, and due to a bad sore throat I cut it short and headed home around 3pm. Did meet a few nice people though, and spent some more time with my friend Jasmine 🙂

The Mind Body Spirit fair at the Speech House Hotel on Sunday made up for it though, with people coming through the door at 10am! It was busy all day, and I spoke to lots of Earth Angels. Sold quite a few books, and also did a workshop on Earth Angels too. Yvonne and Gary, the organisers, will be doing another Mind, Body and Spirit fair in November, I will keep you posted on when that will be!

I have just had word from Velvet that the next Earth Angel Training Academy Newsletter will be sent out this week, so if you haven’t already, get over to my website to get your e-mail onto the mailing list! Apparently there’s a mad interview by Aria in it…

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