The Faerie and the Mad Hatter!

This week has been pretty busy! I really should be editing right now, but I just wanted to get these photos online!

I’m down in South Wales, having 4sighted in Newport on Tuesday, and in Cardiff Bay on Wednesday. As well as the networking, I managed to have lunch with my editor, Liz Lockwood, to celebrate her birthday, meet up with two very good friends, Jen Hiscox and Claire Weeks, meet with an amazing graphic artist (more info on the reasons for that soon!) and get my car MOT’d!

I thoroughly enjoyed doing the two 4sights, and thought I’d post some of the photos I took here for you to see.

It’s true, Jeff really is an Angel!

The lovely Sue Worrall, she does wear that hat well!

Hola Bob!

There was complete silence while they wrote their competition entries! Good efforts were made by all.

And the winning competition entry was composed by Elizabeth Bryant:

Down in the valley

Where the lazy brook bubbles

You will find fairies.

Next week, I shall be 4sighting in Bridgewater and Gordano, and staying with my gorgeous faerie friend in Bristol!

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