Twin Flame Oracle Readings

Since putting out the call for questions for Aria, Amethyst or Velvet, I have noticed that the majority of the questions are related to Twin Flames. In fact, both of this week’s readings are for two Earth Angels who asked the same question – Will I be with my Twin Flame in this lifetime?

It seems to be a question on the minds of many Earth Angels, and I hope that these two readings not only answer the question for the two who asked, but also for anyone else watching and wondering if they too, will be with their Flame. To know who your Flame is, and not be with them, is a difficult place to be in, I know. Especially if your Flame has not Awakened and does not understand the depth and meaning of your connection.

I write about the reunion of the Flames in my novels – The Earth Angel Training Academy, The Earth Angel Awakening and The Other Side. Though the relationship can be the most harmonious you have ever experienced, the path to being together can be anything but smooth, and it’s important to remember to enjoy the journey, and remember that all is working out exactly as it should.

I hope you enjoy the readings, please feel free to leave a comment, and if you have a question, please email it to me at

5 comments on “Twin Flame Oracle Readings

  1. I’ve recently bought an oracle deck angel therapy by Doreen virtue and I keep asking about this person being my twin flame since we only met online but I had dreams of him before we chatted, I do the single card spread and first I drew the twin flame card then the day after I drew a vegan card but somehow there next card is attach to it so I picked it then the twin flame card showed up

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    • Hello Patricia,
      Dreams are often a powerful sign that point toward certain people, I write a lot about dreams in my books – my characters often dream of their Flames before they meet, so do take note of your dreams and other signs! If you would like me to record an oracle reading for you and post it on YouTube, please do send your question to me and I will answer it through the cards. You can ask Aria the Faerie, Amethyst the Angel or Velvet the Old Soul 🙂 Wishing you so much love and light.x


      • OH PLEASE DO. THANK YOU SO MUCH. IM CONFUSED RIGHT NOW.You see last year around October I saw his video and initially I was drawn to him idk why though, then on Nov 29, 2014 I heard his first name on a female tennis match, the amp hire called his name, and I always open the tv and I see songs that remind me of him. I find it freaky at first. Then on Jan 11, 25 and Feb 17 and march 5 I’m having vivid dreams of him like kissing that’s feels so real…and on April 11 my cousin introduced me to him ONLINE we chatted we had the spark and we fight many times our fights is dynamic but we simply parted ways, ALL I WANT TO KNOW IS, IS THIS PERSON MY TWIN FLAME? recently I bought an oracle deck but I need to clarify just to make sure, because every time I ask it ends up on a different card but the first time I asked I drew the twin flame card. Please help! Thanks!


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