I’m Here is going to Italy!

If you haven’t read F**k It yet, I suggest you go and get a copy now 🙂

I'm Here Book Tour

At the Mind Body Spirit Festival yesterday, I said hello to one of my favourite authors, John Parkin. His book – F**k It – was instrumental in helping me to write The Earth Angel Awakening (as you can tell from the first three lines!) I told him about the I’m Here Book Tour, and he said I could send some tour cards out to him in Italy, to give to people on their retreats.

We then took a photos for the Book Tour Gallery:

I'm Here with John Parkin, author of F**k It! I’m Here with John Parkin, author of F**k It!

So next week, when I get home from London, I will begin sending out the tour cards, so far I have people wanting to distribute them in Florida, Arkansas, Greece, Australia, and a few places in the UK. So if you would like to get involved in the tour, please do get in touch!

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