Joined by Spirits at the Festival

When taking photos for the I’m Here Book Tour at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in London this weekend, I noticed that there were interesting lights on a couple of the photos. I’ve had many photos in the past of orbs and little light flashes, and I always believe that it is a sign that a spirit is near. I think the most interesting thing is when you have two photographs, taken seconds apart, and the light is in one of them but not the next.

Here was the most interesting one taken this weekend, with the lovely Simon from Global Love Letters:

Normal photo

Normal photo

Weird light across my hand

Weird light across my hand

Have you taken photos with orbs in them? Do you know who or what is causing it? One of my favourite orb photos was one taken back in 2008, of myself and my good friend Charlotte, and another girl when we were living in New York. The orb is so bright it completely blocks out my hand (and before you ask, no, I wasn’t wearing any diamond rings!)

Orb Pic


I would love to hear your ideas and even see any photos you have of orbs. You can email me at or post your comment below.

I’m Here is going to Italy!

If you haven’t read F**k It yet, I suggest you go and get a copy now 🙂

I'm Here Book Tour

At the Mind Body Spirit Festival yesterday, I said hello to one of my favourite authors, John Parkin. His book – F**k It – was instrumental in helping me to write The Earth Angel Awakening (as you can tell from the first three lines!) I told him about the I’m Here Book Tour, and he said I could send some tour cards out to him in Italy, to give to people on their retreats.

We then took a photos for the Book Tour Gallery:

I'm Here with John Parkin, author of F**k It! I’m Here with John Parkin, author of F**k It!

So next week, when I get home from London, I will begin sending out the tour cards, so far I have people wanting to distribute them in Florida, Arkansas, Greece, Australia, and a few places in the UK. So if you would like to get involved in the tour, please do get in touch!

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A Fabulous Start

If you are at the Mind Body Spirit Festival this weekend, keep an eye out for me, I’ll be giving out free eBooks!

I'm Here Book Tour

The book tour is off to a great start, after giving out some of the free eBook cards out at Fiona Harrold’s Love and Money Salon last night, and then giving out many more at the Mind Body & Spirit Festival in Earl’s Court today. Met lots of old friends and made some new ones, you can see the photos in the Book Tour Gallery!

Then in the evening, Rebecca and I found a fabulous Vegan/Veggie Restaurant called 222. I put some cards in there for people to find and Rebecca also gave one to the couple next to us! The food was fantastic, would definitely recommend!



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The I’m Here Book Tour Begins…

…on Friday!

3d 2

I’m Here will be officially be available to buy on Kindle (print is coming soon!) and the rest of the Visionary Collection, with their new covers, will also be available on Kindle by this Friday.

I will be in London, for the Mind Body Spirit Festival in Earl’s Court, and I will begin giving out the free eBook cards!

As you can tell from the exclamation marks, I am quite excited by this, I must admit, I didn’t think I’d get it all done in time.

Remind me never again to try to publish four books, in print and on Kindle and orchestrate a never-tried-before world book tour/ giveaway, all at the same time!

It’s all been good fun though, and it has forced me to learn so many more new things that I can show to my Indie Author clients.

Once again, you can check out more information on the I’m Here Book Tour on the website, I’m happy to say that I have a few distributors already, but I would love lots more! So please, if you would like to get involved, then drop me an e-mail! I will be posting the first photos this weekend of the cards going out into the world! Also, a good friend of mine is in an event in Bristol this weekend, where she will be giving the cards out.

It really is happening. *does a happy dance* Time to go finish packing! Leaving for London first thing in the morning. I think I might have to surprise random kindle readers on the tube with the free eBook cards. What do you think?


Kindred Spirit Awards

I received an email toks_awards_2014day from one of my readers, to say that they had just nominated me for ‘Spiritual Writer’ in the Kindred Spirit Awards. There are 6 awards, and for each category, there is a list of nominees, then a box labelled ‘other’. She entered my name in the ‘other’ box, and suggested that I reach out to my readers and ask them to do the same!

I must admit, when I saw the other names nominated in the category, I felt like it would be silly to even try to compete, but even to just be nominated means a lot to me, and I want to ask you, that if you feel like you have benefited in any way from reading my words, whether its my novels or my blog, then you will vote for me, and bring my work to the awareness of even more people. Because that is why I write, to help as many people as possible.

So, the link to vote is here, on the Kindred Spirit website, and the deadline to vote has been extended to the 30th April. If you feel that my work deserves the award, then please do nominate me, and also vote for the other amazing people and organisations in the other categories too.

 Thank you so much, for you love and support, it means a lot to me. And thank you, Helen, for nominating me first!


A wonderful weekend at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in London

This gallery contains 7 photos.

***Warning! This blog post is longer than my usual posts, you may need a cup of tea and some cake before reading! *** Last weekend I went to London with my good friend, Sarah Jane, and her daughter Mia, to … Continue reading