Joined by Spirits at the Festival

When taking photos for the I’m Here Book Tour at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in London this weekend, I noticed that there were interesting lights on a couple of the photos. I’ve had many photos in the past of orbs and little light flashes, and I always believe that it is a sign that a spirit is near. I think the most interesting thing is when you have two photographs, taken seconds apart, and the light is in one of them but not the next.

Here was the most interesting one taken this weekend, with the lovely Simon from Global Love Letters:

Normal photo

Normal photo

Weird light across my hand

Weird light across my hand

Have you taken photos with orbs in them? Do you know who or what is causing it? One of my favourite orb photos was one taken back in 2008, of myself and my good friend Charlotte, and another girl when we were living in New York. The orb is so bright it completely blocks out my hand (and before you ask, no, I wasn’t wearing any diamond rings!)

Orb Pic


I would love to hear your ideas and even see any photos you have of orbs. You can email me at or post your comment below.

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