Vivid Dreaming

I’m no stranger to vivid dreams. I have woken up deafened from the noise of the tornado that’s just gone past me, woken up breathing heavily in fear of being chased or attacked. I’ve often had prophetic dreams too. Sometimes I have foreseen things in a literal way, other times, in a metaphorical way.

But what happened last week really did spook me a little bit!

I woke up on Thursday morning, and found that I was crying, because I had just been sobbing in my dream. In the dream, I had rescued a wolf from a river, as it had choked on the water and started to drown. I had pulled it out and rescued it, then I picked it up and cradled it in my arms like a child. Then I took it home but found that it kept wanting to eat things it could choke on, and by the end of the dream, it had in fact choked to death, which is why I woke up crying.

Now, if you’re into dream interpretation, then please, by all means, let me know what you think any of that meant!

So later on Thursday, I headed to the Brighton Film Networking meeting, and got chatting to Lorenzo Fantini, and artist and founder of Screen Rebels in London. For some reason we were talking about dreams, and I described my dream to him. He then showed me some photos of his artwork, and one of the images was so eerily like my dream, that it quite honestly freaked me out a little. The only difference was the creature was a fox, not a wolf, but he has very kindly let me share the image with you. Here it is:

fox. lorenzo


Then on Saturday morning, I had a dream where a lion was watching me, and when I picked out a random tarot card later in the day, it had a lion on the card, sitting on the side, just observing the scene.

I’m just praying that the red and blue, whale-sized baboon fish don’t turn up when I go to the beach tomorrow…

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