Writing and Publishing Update

I want to share with you a decision I have made in the last few days, which I know won’t make me very popular, but hopefully you will understand…

For the last 5 years that I have been publishing and writing my books, I have published an average of 2 books a year, and I have been putting my calling to write and publish above everything else. Above my health, my finances, and my relationships. In September, my body decided enough was enough and made me focus on it, made me help it to heal, and amazing synchronicities happened in the following couple of months to help me with that, and I feel as though I have more energy now than I ever remember having in my life! 

Over the last five years, I have worked in quite a few different jobs, I have worked on publishing books for others, and I’ve published ten of my own novels – but I haven’t spent much time marketing those books that I have brought into the world. I feel it’s time to press the pause button on writing any more of my own books, and to focus on the precious gifts I have written already. Because by doing so, I will also improve my relationships, as I will then have the time to see my friends and family, and have more fun!

If you are a fan of the Earth Angel series, then I want to apologise -my 11th book, (7th in the Earth Angel Series) The Twin Flame Reality, will not be published this year. It is in need of some work to make it as good as it deserves to be, and as good as you deserve it to be! And right now, I haven’t got the quality time I need to dedicate to it, as Bilbo says in The Fellowship of the Ring – “I feel like too little butter spread over too much bread!” (Ironic considering I’m a gluten-free and dairy free!)

I’ll still write to my mailing list every week, and I’ll still blog, and create videos for YouTube, and be on Facebook, but there won’t be any more books published until I feel I have done my best by my other publications. So if you love the books already available, please do tell your friends about them and buy them as Christmas gifts

I really appreciate your understanding and your unwavering support. I really do hate to go back on a promise, but it’s time to shift my focus and really give my published books the attention they deserve. 

Before you get too mad at me, remember this –


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