All About Twin Flames

I was looking through my summaries the other day, and I realised that my most popular posts are about Twin Flames, which isn’t surprising, I guess, it’s a topic that many want to know more about. So I thought it might be an idea to list links to my most popular posts on Twin Flames here, for easy reference.

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Also, here are my most popular videos on Twin Flames:

Sending love out to all the Twin Flames, whether they are together, apart, or have yet to find each other yet. xxx

Crossing the Line

I’ve recently been reading books on boundaries. Mostly on the lack of them, and what that creates. This subject interests me because I feel I haven’t got established, healthy boundaries in my life, and I know that it is not having a positive effect on my relationships, my health and my finances. There are many reasons why  people do not have healthy boundaries, and these range from their upbringing to having low self-esteem and self-worth.

In intimate relationships, having no boundaries means that you often find yourself going without what you need or desire, because you have not established clear expectations or rules. And even when you find your unspoken boundaries being crossed, you find it difficult to say anything, and so let it slide. This can create a lot of resentment or anger that will no doubt build up until it comes out in an argument, at which point, your partner will be surprised because they will have been unaware that they had crossed the line or upset you with their behaviour. It can also mean that you allow your partner to do things that you would not normally find acceptable.

In friendships, having no boundaries means that whenever your friends call, you’re available. Whatever time suits them to meet, you’re free for that time. You fit into their schedules, they do not fit into yours. Mainly because people with no boundaries often have no schedules and no routine, so they fit in wherever they need to and go with the flow. While going with the flow can be a good thing, if there is no structure at all, you will find that absolutely nothing will get done.

In health, having no boundaries means that you will accept food you are offered even if you don’t want it, or people will find it acceptable to comment on your diet. Having no routine means that exercise is often not in the picture, and you’re so busy running around catering to everyone else’s needs and demands, that you have no time to take care of yourself properly.

In finances, having no boundaries means you will accept lower rates of pay, or not charge enough for your services, or will be too relaxed on clients when it comes to payments, or being disorganised when it comes to invoices, doing your taxes, or making sure you have enough cash flow. Having no structure means not keeping track of income and outgoings, and getting into debt more easily.

I have had many of the above issues in my life, and it is only recently, becoming aware of my patterns, that I realise I need to make some changes to improve my life in every way. My only issue is this – I haven’t had boundaries for most of my life. I have no idea what it feels like to have boundaries, to express them clearly and to enforce them when needed. I have read a lot about the lack of boundaries and the problems this causes, and even about the actions to take to create new boundaries. But it feels like I would need to have a personality transplant in order to become a person with clear boundaries. I don’t find it easy to create new habits, and to have set routines and structure, so this feels like quite an epic journey to embark on.

I am excited to see what changes from having this awareness, and from making whatever changes I can to ensure I don’t allow my new boundaries to be crossed.

One of my concerns in becoming a person with boundaries is that I may appear to be mean. In that I am likely to say ‘no’ more often, in maintaining my boundaries. I will also be less available and will ask others to fit into my schedule rather than just automatically fitting into theirs. It feels as though there is a fine line between being mean and being sensible, and it is something I am going to have to experiment with over the coming weeks. Many people without boundaries are people-pleasers, wanting to do whatever they can to make others happy and to gain their approval.

If you have any stories to share about this, or if you have any magical suggestions to becoming a boundaried person, I would love for you to comment below!

Do you think it was effortless in the beginning? Do you think I found it easy?  Do you think it all worked out perfectly? Of course not. But I had faith that everything would begin to harmonise, and that it would work out perfectly in the end.

Writing and Publishing Update

I want to share with you a decision I have made in the last few days, which I know won’t make me very popular, but hopefully you will understand…

For the last 5 years that I have been publishing and writing my books, I have published an average of 2 books a year, and I have been putting my calling to write and publish above everything else. Above my health, my finances, and my relationships. In September, my body decided enough was enough and made me focus on it, made me help it to heal, and amazing synchronicities happened in the following couple of months to help me with that, and I feel as though I have more energy now than I ever remember having in my life! 

Over the last five years, I have worked in quite a few different jobs, I have worked on publishing books for others, and I’ve published ten of my own novels – but I haven’t spent much time marketing those books that I have brought into the world. I feel it’s time to press the pause button on writing any more of my own books, and to focus on the precious gifts I have written already. Because by doing so, I will also improve my relationships, as I will then have the time to see my friends and family, and have more fun! Continue reading

Success is…

After holding a google hangout to share my process on defining success, and having some lovely feedback, because the hangout recording wasn’t great (and very long!) I decided to put together a very short simple video describing the process. It is now on youtube, and if you try it out and enjoy it, please do let me know!


I have also created a new page here on my blog, which contains links to all of my videos or videos I have been featured in. You can access the page from the menu or by clicking here. You could use the same process for creating definitions for other things, such as love and relationships, or money and abundance. I hope you have fun with it, there are no rules so make it your own!

Twin Flame Relationships

In my Earth Angel books, I talk about the reunion of the Twin Flames. When I first came across the idea of Twin Flames, it resonated deeply within me. The idea that despite there being several possible soulmates for us, there is one person, one soul, who is our perfect match, they are ‘the one’.

In my books I say that the Flames are usually only reunited at the end of an age on Earth, and in Doreen Virtue‘s Angel Therapy cards, it is said that the Flames only come together during their last lifetimes together, when their reincarnation cycle is complete. In my mind, these two things go hand in hand, though some may disagree.

Here is the beautiful card from Doreen’s deck –

Twin Flames

I have witnessed the reunion of Flames, heard stories, and even experienced being with my own Flame, but there seems to be a recurring problem with these reunions. I couldn’t consciously figure it out, until I was sent this video on youtube, which describes the seven stages of a Twin Flame relationship. Please hit play below and watch it:

So it seems that although the Flames are finding one another, they are getting to the fourth stage  and then things fall apart. I have known of a few Twin Flame relationships that have not reached the last three stages, because of the ego. Because of fear, conditioning and holding onto the past. How can we help the Flames who are stuck to release these things and move forwards? Because for the Twin who has Awakened, who knows clearly that they should be together, it is very difficult to be apart from their Flame, because they know how it feels to be in their arms, to be with the one they love truly and unconditionally.

Why are souls so afraid to let down their walls, embrace their Twin fully and experience the bliss that is available to them?

I wish I had an answer, but I feel that by being aware of this and by understanding that it is a common occurrence between Flames, helps me to believe that there is an answer, a solution, to this. And that not only will Flames continue to reunite, but those who have met and parted from their Flames will get the second chance that they are wishing for.


The Power of Manifestation

This gallery contains 5 photos.

I created my first Vision Board in 2009, when I was in New York. Working with the available materials I and my friends had to hand, I created it on a thick paper bag, using photos from magazines. Within a … Continue reading