The Power to be Extraordinary

Upon hearing the sad news of Stephen Sutton‘s passing (the amazing guy behind Stephen’s Story, who raised £3.2 million for the Teenage Cancer Trust) I started thinking about how it is that people who face the biggest challenges often are the ones who are the most determined to do amazing things. I can think of so many examples of people who have shone so brightly, creating beautiful music, amazing art, and having a massive impact, despite facing incredible difficulties, hardships and illness.

When you consider that these people may be experiencing a great deal of pain, their determination and motivation to make the best of what they have is so incredibly inspirational. I was blown away by the music of Zach Sobiech, who passed away last year of cancer. Along with his friends, he composed and wrote several songs that made me cry the first few times I heard them. I have no doubt that the lives of his friends and family, and all who have heard his music, will be better for his presence.


Another inspiring man, is an American called Art Berg. He was in a car accident in his 20s, and was left quadriplegic. He was told he would never do anything for himself again, and yet he went on to get married, have kids, build several successful businesses and become a motivational speaker. His book – The Impossible Just Takes a Little Longer is an amazing read.

I had the honour, a couple of years ago, to work for an amazing guy called Jason, who is just a little younger than me, but relies on carers for all his physical care. Despite this, he has more enthusiasm and passion for life, and for experiencing everything he can, than anyone I know. He loves creating things, he loves going to the cinema and theatre, taking fantastic photographs and his latest love is going on cruises! He is also able to use the internet through a single button, which helps him to connect with others. He taught me a lot about determination and perseverance, and also gratitude.

I also wrote about two other inspiring men, back in 2012.

All of these incredible stories, these incredible people, lived or are still living extraordinary lives. And though I believe that everyone has within them the power to be extraordinary, it would seem that it often needs to be triggered by something life-changing. But what if we could just choose to be extraordinary? Right now? For no reason other than it’s amazing to be alive right now, and we want to create beautiful music, beautiful art or make a massive impact and help people? (Or all three!)

I would like to think that it is possible. I know there are many people already doing so, living to the fullest, making the most of all the gifts and talents they possess, and putting 150% effort into everything they do. But there are too many of us who are living as though life is something that will continue forever, and as though we have plenty of time to do what we really want, there’s no need to do it now. But what if we lived as though every day were our last? What if we gave our all to every moment? How extraordinary would our lives be then?

We all have the power to be extraordinary. Now is the time to unleash that power. Because really, now is all we have.

A Sign from the Angels

Have you ever received a sign from the Angels? Would you recognise it if you did?

It’s long been believed that white feathers are signs from the Angels. As well as rainbows, heart-shaped clouds or anything else that you may have asked for as proof of their existence. I’ve had many signs from the Angels. Sometimes I ask for something specific, like the time I asked for butterflies if I was on the right path at the time. All of a sudden they were everywhere. As well as real ones, I’d see pictures of them, and wooden ones and plastic ones. Would those butterflies have still showed up in my life if I hadn’t asked the Angels for them? Possibly. But had I not asked for them, would I have noticed them? Probably not.

So if you’re in need of help or comfort, ask the Angels for a sign that they are indeed with you. I remember several years ago, that I had requested rose petals as a sign that the Angels were with me. Time passed and I forgot my request. Then I came home after having had tests in hospital, and was feeling particularly low, when I looked out of the kitchen window to see that my rose plant, that had been in perfect bloom just that morning, was now devoid of roses. And the garden path was covered in rose petals. It hadn’t been a windy day, so I knew that it had been the Angels’ way of telling me that I was not alone.

If you want to read more about such signs, Doreen Virtue’s book – Signs from Above is very good.

Earlier this week, I made a video asking for you to send in your questions that you wanted either Velvet, Aria or Amethyst to answer. After uploading the video, I noticed that when I started talking about Amethyst, the Angel, a tiny white weather drifted down from nowhere, right in front of me. I hadn’t seen it when filming. It was also spotted by my dear friend, and incarnated elemental. Annette Ecuyere. She has asked a question of Amethyst, which I will record the answer to next week.

You can view the video with the feather on my blog post, or on you tube, the feather features at 1:40.

A wonderful question was asked of Amethyst, you can see the video of Amethyst answering it below.