What My Characters Have Taught Me – Mrs M

In The Elphite, the main character meets her neighbour, Mrs M, known as the local psychic.

Mrs M knows that Ellie is living her life over and over again, but helps her to see that just because she know what is going to happen in her future, it doesn’t mean she cannot let it all go and choose to have a positive perspective of life.

She encourages her to burn her diary and release all of her past lives, as well as her fears for the future. Then she gives Ellie a tool to bring herself back to the present moment whenever she slips into fear.

She tells her to ask herself three questions –

Am I alive? Am I awake? Am I loved?

And if she’s able to say – “I am alive. I am awake. I am loved.”, then in that present moment, all is well, and there is nothing to fear or worry or stress about.

So much of our negativity stems from wanting to change the past or being afraid of what the future holds. Very little of it exists in the present moment.

What I learnt from Mrs M is remain present, and create the life I want to experience from this present moment.

Another thing I learnt from Mrs M, is that forgiveness, love and healing prayers are far stronger than feeling helpless, angry or hateful about a negative situation.

Have you read the Elphite? If so, what did you learn from Mrs M?

The Elphite

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What My Characters Have Taught Me – Aria

Aria is without a doubt, my favourite character. When I first read through The Earth Angel Training Academy, having written it in just over two months, I couldn’t help but giggle at Aria’s fantastic lines. Her cheeky, slightly naughty, infallibly honest nature shines out and I love writing anything with her in it!

One of the primary things I have learnt from Aria is to have fun. To not take anything too seriously. She hated the fact that humans seem to be so boring and serious, and did everything possible to have as much fun as she could. She chose not to go to Earth in the first book, because she couldn’t bear the idea of losing her wings and becoming a heavy human, and I have to say – I’m with her on that one!

Another thing I learnt from Aria, is that honesty really is the best policy. She always says what she thinks, and is always open with her opinion. She hates to hurt anyone’s feelings, but cannot help but tell the truth, and because she is coming from a place of innocence, it’s difficult for anyone to be annoyed with her. One of my readers said that Aria irritated her in the beginning, but then she completely fell in love with her, which is generally how it goes with Faeries!

But the best thing I learnt from Aria is that as long as there’s chocolate, then everything will be just fine!