What’s the Story?

Morning glory?

What is your story? What do you tell other and yourself every day about you? What do you say you can do? You can’t do? What do you say you hate? Who do you say you hate? What are your most repetitive thoughts about your faults, your limitations, your imperfections?

Write them all down. Then look at them.

Are any of them actually true? Or are they just stories?

I have always told the story that I am not a morning person. Always. Hate the mornings. Only time I don’t mind is when camping, and that’s only usually because the sunrises are amazing, and it’s too hot in the tent, and I need air.

Other than that – NOT a morning person. AT ALL.

I always feel fuzzy headed if I get up early. I feel more tired. I never get things done early in the morning.

All just stories. All lies too.

I started working in a normal job this week, needs must and all. And on the first day, I was sat in traffic for 30 mins. It was so boring! I thought to myself – if I left earlier, I would miss the traffic, and get to work in plenty of time to do something I want to do before I start.

So for the last two days, I have been getting up at 6am. Leaving the house at 7am, missing all the traffic, seeing the most beautiful sunrises, and then getting to work with and hour and a half to do what I want. In that time, I have edited a chapter and a half of audio book. Then I have been working, getting home by 5, eating, watching TV to chill out, then watching my awesome friend, George Hardwick on FB live, writing a blog post, catching up with friends, making my lunch for the next day, and getting into bed by 10.30pm.

I have never felt more awake and productive and energetic.

I have changed my story. I am a morning person. I am more productive when I get up early. I can get my own stuff done and work 9 to 5.

Being a morning person is not genetic, it’s a story. It’s a programmed, conditioned thought. And I have changed it. I am reprogramming myself. I am really enjoying my early mornings, my tea in my travel mug. and getting the audio editing done (creating the audio book is another thing I thought I would hate doing, and resisted for ages. I’m really enjoying it!)

So what are your stories? What would you like to change? Think about it. Write it down. Then rip it up and write a new story.

Tea & Editing at 7.30am

Tea & Editing at 7.30am

Revealing Inner Wisdom

A beautiful Earth Angel called George Hardwick, who is on a mission to help others to make a living giving their gifts and living their passion, held an incredible free training session last night, called Revealing Inner Wisdom. It was centred around the experiences he’s had recently, where he has been writing letters to his soul. Please do check out his ten letters on his website, they are truly beautiful.

He mentioned in the session that he had been inspired by the way I write my novels, which is to just allow the words to flow through me, without plotting or planning or thinking too much about it. As he says – everyone can do this, not just me or a select few people. Everyone can connect and converse with their soul, with God, just as Neale Donald Walsch did in his Conversations with God books.

I wanted to share with you the training session which is now available on replay on YouTube, because I think it is well worth watching. Also, during the session, he invites you to write to your soul, and I want to share with you what my own soul said to me, in the hope that it may help you, and inspire you to converse with your own soul.

[youtube http://youtu.be/AkyceLl3Yp0]

My question to my soul:

Dear Soul,

Why do I still feel so small?

With love,


The response:

Dear One,

Because you are a single drop of the oneness. Or so you believe. Yes, you are a single drop, but you are also the entire ocean, within that drop. Everything that is, exists within you. Everything. You are infinite, you are eternal, you do not begin or end, you are everything and also nothing. You are big and small, amazing and ordinary. You are all of it. There is nothing you are not. So you can choose to feel small, because you are. But you could also choose to be big. Because you are that too.

It comes down to choice. You can choose to be the powerless victim, or you can choose to be the force for change. You can choose to be successful, or you can choose to be a failure. You can choose what your definition of failure and success is. What do you choose? If you are everything, then you can choose to bring out any qualities you desire. Want to be driven, motivated, excited, enthusiastic and organised? Then simply shift your focus onto those qualities that already exist within you. Because I promise you, they are there.

Want to be abundant, healthy, loving, joyful and responsible? They’re there too! It’s all within you. You are the entire ocean contained within a drop. But it’s up to you which parts of yourself wash up on the shore of your reality and are manifested into your life. If you want beautiful shells, polished glass and unusual pebbles to be washed up and revealed to the world, then focus on those positive things. If you focus on things you do not want, you will just as easily find your beach full of plastic debris, old cans and other rubbish. 

If those things are currently there, then have a beach clean-up day, and clear the way for the gems to appear.

So what will you choose to manifest? Oysters filled with pearls? Smooth driftwood in interesting shapes? Or soiled nappies and supermarket carrier bags?

Choose now. Choose every day. Choose every minute. Clean up. Keep choosing. What you are, who you are, can change in the instant you make a new choice. Choose.

See you on the beach,

Love always,



earth angel training academy

Scapple, the Chronodex and a Breakthrough

It has been a very interesting 10 days indeed! Just wanted to write a little update on a couple of developments that have occurred, that have had quite an impact on me and my life. On the weekend of the 22nd March, I happened to come across a nifty bit of software called Scapple. It was created by the same folks as Scrivener, which as you know is my favourite piece of writing software ever.

Scapple is a mind-mapping tool. No, scrap that. It is THE mind-mapping tool. When trying to organise my thoughts and ideas, I often mind-map on paper. But things are always in the wrong place and other things get deleted and it looks like a mess in the end. Enter Scapple. On Saturday, I was actually attempting to mind-map on paper, and was getting quite frustrated. When I discovered, and then bought and downloaded Scapple, I was totally hooked, and got the mind-map done speedily and efficiently (and it looks way better than my scribbles!) It’s also given me a new way to do my talks and workshops, as I can use them as prompts instead of using notes or a script, which I don’t like to do. If you are even vaguely curious, I would urge you to download the trial version and have a go!

On the same day, through the blog of a lady called Julie who followed my blog, I found the Chronodex. For years, I have bought diaries, used them for a few days into the year, only to lose them until October. Planning my time and recording my time, has been something that I have not been able to do easily, but something that I wanted to be able to do. Well, for the last ten days, I have been using the Chronodex daily, and it is completely changing the way I look at my days, and is enabling me to schedule my time and to see when things are taking up too much time. The Chronodex was created by a guy called Patrick Ng, and he is happy for people to download the Chronodex diaries he posts on his blog, all they cost is a prayer for the good health of his family. I just copied the image from Julie’s blog and printed, cut and paste them into a notebook, so that I could record other things on the page too. But I made sure I sent a prayer to his family too.


The Chronodex in action!

On Thursday last week, I had a visit from the fabulous George Hardwick, and his wife and baby girl. He had come to see me so that we could have a session together, working out what I should focus on, where I should go next. For the next few hours, we went through what I had already created, what I needed to do to make that more successful, and also what I really enjoyed doing. To have someone like George speak so passionately and get so excited about my work, made me really look at what I have created in a new light. It’s been a while since I really stepped back and looked at what I have achieved in the last few years, and actually, it’s quite a lot! I sometimes get so wrapped up in worrying about all the things I still need to do, that I forget to celebrate and appreciate what I have already done. After our session, I was talking to my partner about some of the ideas, and a little later, the vision of what I should be doing and how it should work, came into my mind, and I suddenly understood what George had meant when he said that at the moment of breakthrough, you will have tears of joy in your eyes. To have it all make so much sense, and to feel so right, was just amazing. I bounced around for the rest of the evening, and though the last three days have been crazy, that feeling hasn’t gone away. I know what to do now. I know what my next step is, and I know it will all work out perfectly.

So if you find yourself stuck, if you cannot see the next step, and if you want to make a living giving your gift and being the creative soul you truly are, than please get in touch with George!

A World-Class Success

In January, I met an amazing individual called George Hardwick. I had gone to London for a couple of events, and he was at the first one, which was the Yes Group London meeting. Attracted by the cover of his book, I began talking to him about living life as a creative. He is a spoken-word artist, and one of the first things he’s said to me, was:

“To be successful in your creative missions, you must be world-class in whatever it is you do.”

Now at first, I thought, well jeez, that’s a bit of a tall-order! There are millions of writers in the world, and even if I tried my hardest, I couldn’t imagine being known as a world-class author. It just seemed impossible. I bought his book, The Creative Uprising, because I was intrigued by his message and his ideas, and wanted to know more.

Then at the end of the evening, after listening to two incredible speakers, who indeed both appeared to be world-class in what they did, George took to the stage.

To say I was blown away would be an understatement. He delivered a rap/poem, that encompassed the messages of the two speakers, and the energy of the meeting, and it flowed and rhymed and made us all laugh, gasp and clap. And he had written the entire thing during that evening, while sitting and watching in the audience. He had taken in every word, and then wrote the piece, which summarised the evening in the most poetic and beautiful way.

He was, quite frankly, world-class.

In fact, you can see his ‘wRapping up’ of that evening below. Even if you weren’t there and watched the speakers, you will still get a lot from George’s words.

[youtube http://youtu.be/2BRlg89vuj8]

So how can you become a world-class success? Recently I have been re-reading two books, the first is The Go-Giver, by Bob Burg and John David Mann, and the second is Go-Givers Sell More, by the same authors. The first is a parable, and the second then applies the laws from the story to real life. For anyone who has a phobia of selling, I would highly recommend them. There are five laws described, and the first is the Law of Value, where your true worth is based on how much value you create for others. As they say in the second book, creating value for others does not necessarily need to cost any money. You create value every time you take the time to thank someone, greet someone or call someone to say hello. In business, you create value when you send a handwritten thank you note or in fact do anything where you are putting the needs and desires of your customer above your own.

This is what I think it means to be world-class. George says in his book that we often link success to how much money or stuff we have acquired, but that it doesn’t necessarily mean anything. And that it is more important to be successful in helping others and changing people’s lives for the better, by giving our gift. A while back, fed up with being asked how many books I had sold, because to most people, that is how you measure the success of an author, I wrote the following quote on my Facebook wall:

“Do not ask an author how many books she has sold. Instead, ask her how many lives she has touched.”

To me, I write to help people. I don’t write to see how much money I can make, because that is not how I measure success. The main reason I would like to sell more books, is so that I can help more people. And I am coming to realise that I need to step up my game. I know that I have published books before they are ready, and I have not given my all to making sure they are as awesome as I can make them before I release them into the world. This is due to impatience and an attitude of ‘It will do’. But no more. I will still set myself deadlines, because I know full well that without them, I will never publish anything, but I am making a commitment to myself that my next book is as amazing as I can possibly make it before I publish it.

Oddly enough, when it comes to projects I do for other people, I will work my ass off to make sure it’s as perfect as possible, before the author publishes it. It seems I have no problems with working really hard for other people on their projects, but when it comes to my own, I am more slack. I suppose I fear disappointing others more than I fear disappointing myself, but I need to change that feeling into the driving desire to be world-class in every sense.

As the saying goes – ‘How you do anything is how you do everything.’ And I am beginning to think that in order to be successful in life, and not just in our creative missions or business, we must be world-class in EVERYTHING that we do, every day.

What do you think?


P.S. After having a conversation with Bob Burg on Twitter, I would like to add to this post that it isn’t a case of EITHER creating value for others OR making money, it is more of a case that by putting your FOCUS on creating value for others, then making money will be the result. I know I have had difficulty with the idea of being paid to help others or for doing something I love, but I am working on those old beliefs.

Thank you, Bob, for your awesome words and your encouragement 🙂