Goddess Warrior – Kellie Fitzgerald


To complement my Spirit Warrior series on men shifting from the physical to the meta-physical, this Goddess Warrior series will focus on women who are living their spiritual message and journey, who are speaking their truth and are fully in their feminine power, while they make a difference with their words and actions.

The first Goddess Warrior I would love to introduce you to is Kellie Fitzgerald. She is a positive transformation catalyst and radio host of the Positive Transformation Network.

Untitled-design-3MG: Kellie, can you tell us a little about what you do?

Goddess Warrior:  In short, I turn survivors into thrivers!  Through my internet radio channel, publishing company and numerous workshops, I help others share their messages.

MG: When did your spiritual journey begin?

Goddess Warrior: As a child I could see and communicate with spirit.  I sort of “turned it off” at times during my life but it’s always been there.  I’ve had a couple of what I call “dark night of the soul” times and emerging from each of those times made me wake up more and more.

MG: What do you feel is your mission or purpose or calling is in this life?

Goddess Warrior:  To give a voice to the voiceless.  Whether that is animal rescue, victims of abuse or domestic violence or people who are having a spiritual awakening and are feeling lost.

MG: Have you always know that was your mission or purpose or calling? Or did you discover it at some point?

Goddess Warrior: Honestly I think I always “knew” but actively fought that knowledge for most of my life.

MG: What does it mean to you to be in your divine feminine power?

Goddess Warrior:  Completely loving and accepting myself as I am.  Knowing I am on my path and completely loving and accepting that as well.

MG: What helps you get through the tough moments in life?

Goddess Warrior: Reiki and meditation…and my animals.

MG: What has been the best part of your spiritual journey? What has been the hardest part?

Goddess Warrior: Being able to help people navigate their own spiritual journeys is what really makes my heart sing!  The most difficult part is definitely having to let go of people who are no longer on the same path I’m on.

MG: What is your favourite spiritual practice?

Goddess Warrior: Oh wow, does Reiki count as a spiritual practice?  Other than that, meditation and Tai Chi.

MG: How do you juggle everything and still make time for yourself?

KellieHeadshot-273x300Goddess Warrior: I have learned to schedule time for myself on my calendar.  In the past I would have a really hectic day and allow work to cut into the “me time” I’d scheduled, but honestly I have developed such a respect for myself I don’t allow that to happen anymore.

MG: Are your friends and family supportive of your spiritual journey?

Goddess Warrior: Some are…some are not.  That really is the most difficult thing about embarking on a spiritual journey and becoming who you were always meant to be…letting go of those people who are not supportive.

MG: What advice would you give to women who are embarking on their spiritual journey?

Goddess Warrior: Baby steps!  This is a process, be kind and patient with yourself.  Find other people on a spiritual journey as they will be supportive of yours.  Honestly, once you make the decision to be the best “you” you can be, the right people do come into your life.

MG: Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful insights with me, and with my readers, there are so many golden pieces of advice there!


If you would like to check out what Kellie is doing her links are below. Thank you for reading, there will be another Goddess Warrior featured very soon.






Kellie’s book is When on the Road to Enlightenment, Don’t Forget to Take out the Trash and it’s available on Amazon.

Earth Angel Connections

I have been so blessed recently to connect to many beautiful Earth Angels! I have had conversations over Skype and Facebook with these amazing souls who are all fulfilling their purpose on this planet in different ways. I want to introduce you to three of them today, please go to their websites and check out the work they are doing.

I connected with Robert Tremblay, the author of Twenty Seconds. His book is about his near-death experience (NDE) and his spiritual journey. What an amazing soul he is! Before the conversation I had been feeling quite overwhelmed and low and within seconds we were laughing and joking like we had known each other forever! He is doing some amazing work raising awareness of HIV, and I am so excited that this summer, I will get to meet him and do an event with him. (More info on that to come!)

The Earth Angel Training AcademyA fabulous Earth Angel I was interviewed by for her radio show in Arizona is Kellie Fitzgerald. We had so much fun doing the interview that it was hard to stop talking! She read The Earth Angel Training Academy and really resonated with it, even dreaming of the characters afterwards! I also hope to meet up with her soon too. If you want to listen to the interview, it’s online here.





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