Going with the Synchronicitous Flow…

Yes I did just make up the word ‘synchronicitous’ I liked the way it sounded!

During my weekly skype meeting with my mastermind group, I said that instead of trying to implement a routine or structure to the week, and beat ourselves up if we don’t manage to achieve all of our weekly goals, we should go with the flow. That if anything unexpected or unplanned came up, we should just go with it, and see what happens, rather than trying to fight it or be irritated by it.

Well, I have certainly had to go with the flow this week!!

On Monday, I was steaming through my goal list, really getting things done, when bam! I knocked my glass of water onto my keyboard. Cue swear words, masses of tissues and the hair dryer coming out! I thought I may have gotten away with it, but then my keys started to do funny things, and I started to freak out!

Thoughts that ran through my head – I haven’t got time for this… I can’t afford to buy a new laptop or have it repaired… I don’t want to lose any of my work on the laptop… etc.

Basically, all my thoughts were based on fear and lack. To counteract those thoughts, I kept saying to myself – It’ll be fine, there is a reason for everything, go with the flow etc. I also asked the angels for help.

After taking the internal keyboard out and drying underneath, the laptop wouldn’t start at all, so I called a local computer repair centre and asked if they would have a look. I went there immediately, and he looked at it straight away. By now I had calmed myself a little, and he quickly deduced that I had killed the keyboard. He went online to see about ordering a new one, and it was actually very inexpensive to replace. Cue sigh of relief. He leant me a plug-in keyboard while I waited for the new one to be delivered and then I went into town to see my friend in Peace of Stone.

We chatted for a while, then I suddenly realised how hungry I was. I thought about going to the chippy, but for some weird reason, got back to the car having forgotten to go in there. So I decided to stop by the village shop on the way back and get some eggs to make courgette pancakes instead.

When I got to the village shop, I paused to read the notices on the board, which I don’t normally do, and I saw an ad looking for someone to create videos and presentations. I took down the number, called it up, and ended up meeting the guy on Tuesday and getting the work.

So the moral of this long tale of seemingly mundane incidents and decisions?

By going with the flow, and staying as positive as possible, a seemingly ‘bad’ incident, led to a great opportunity. It also made me take some time out from working to clear out my office, as one of the reasons I knocked my water over was due to the cluttered desk and sheer amount of stuff everywhere. So I now have a lovely tidy office, and I even rearranged it so the room looks twice as big, and I now have a wonderful view (see photo) It also reminded me to back things up more often, just in case.

My new view!

My new view!

And as an extra bonus, I now have a super clean keyboard with no dust or bits of food stuck between the keys!!



PS. I do have pictorial evidence of my cluttered office, and of what it looks like now, but to be honest the before photos are just too embarrassing to post, which is why I have posted the deer picture instead!

Note to Self: Stop Time Travelling!

The Elphite

I don’t normally blog twice in one day, but an interesting synchronicity popped up this evening and I felt the need to share it. As I mentioned in my earlier post, I am reading Choose Yourself by James Altucher (and just so you know, I’m not getting paid to endorse or advertise his book, I happened to see it advertised and liked the sound of it, I’m just a reader 🙂 ) Now the book is full of very useful advice, but the part that made me stop reading, was when he suggested that you do exactly what one of the characters in my book does. In his book, James suggest that whenever you think of the past or the future, you are in fact time travelling, and a good way to stop doing that and remain in the present, is to label your thoughts ‘past’ or ‘future’.

Now if you have read my book, a visionary fiction novel called The Elphite, you will know that this exact exercise is what Mrs M does with Ellie. Whenever Ellie references the past or the future, Mrs M labels it and cuts off the conversation. By doing this, she is teaching Ellie present moment awareness. She also teaches her how to release all fears and worries, by getting her to ask herself three questions –

Am I alive? Am I awake? Am I loved?

If the answer to those three questions is yes, then there really is nothing to worry about, because in that moment, which is the only moment that exists, all is well. Lori Lesko read The Elphite, and wrote on her blog how she had found the above exercise to be useful. I really must remind myself to try it out too!

I’m only halfway through Choose Yourself so far and I’ve already found many things that have resonated with me and have inspired me, and I look forward to reading the rest.

Thank you for reading my blog, especially if you have read it twice today! Have a wonderful evening.x



Life Vest Inside

Don’t you just love synchronicity? Just as I’m beginning to spread the word about my new blog – Indie Acts of Kindness, I receive a Tweet from an organisation called Life Vest Inside, with a link to their video on Youtube – which is all about kindness. I watched it immediately and loved it, and I have put the video here for you to see because I know you will love it too.