Slow Down – It’s Not a Race

Ever feel like we’re all in a massive hurry to ‘finally get there’? Like we’re in a constant rush to finish everything and do everything on our lists and get to where we really want to be?

I feel like that a lot, and it occurred to me today, that life is a journey, not a race. That this path we’re on is to be experienced, enjoyed, felt, seen – not rushed past, or skipped in order to get to the end. (Which is basically our death, when you think about it. Not sure about you, but I’m in no hurry to get there just yet!)

I know many who feel they are not where they ‘should’ be on their spiritual path. They should have read more books by now, done more courses, know what their purpose is, changed all those pesky negative beliefs and released all the trapped emotions.

I know I have felt the exact same way. I should have written more books by now. I should be in a better financial position. I should own my own home, have a better car and be earning more money.

I have two words to say to all of that, and one of them is a swear word – you have been warned.

Fuck it.

We are all, each and every one of us, exactly where we are meant to be. If we were meant to be ‘further along’ or in a ‘better place’ then we would be. The way our lives are unfolding and happening are exactly as they are meant to be. Any feelings of not being good enough, spiritual enough, wealthy enough or whatever enough, are just a big fuck you to the universe.

Because thinking that things are not as they should be is to resist the flow of universal energy that is available to us. Fighting with our realities doesn’t change them. Fighting doesn’t change or solve anything, in fact. It just brings us more of what it is we are trying to fight.

So I invite you to make peace with yourself, with your life, with your place on your journey, and to just rest safe in the knowledge that you are exactly where you are meant to be in this moment right now. Yes, you may want to be somewhere else, but the easiest way to get there is to accept where you are and to then calmly move toward the things you want, knowing that all is well, and you are not desperate, running away from anything, or hating anything.


One last thing, as this awesome song from one of my favourite movies – The Shift – says, don’t go with your song still inside you. Indeed, the only thing to make sure, is that every day, you are singing your song, and sharing it with others. Other than that, enjoy the journey, take in the sights and sounds and smells along the way, and fear not, you will do, have and be all you could wish to do, have or be, when it is all meant to be.


Michelle is the author and publisher of 10 Visionary Fiction novels, all available on Amazon in paperback and on Kindle. She spends her days helping Indie Authors to publish their books, taking photographs of mushrooms and making gluten-free cakes.

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My Top 5 Favourite Spiritual Movies

When it comes to entertainment, I would much rather watch a movie that inspired me as well as made me laugh or cry, and I think there are a lot of amazing Spiritual movies that more people should watch. Not because they are necessarily the best movies ever made, but because they have an impact.

Here are my top 5 favourite spiritual movies, and a little bit about why I like them.

Conversations with God

Conversations with GodThis movie is about the true story of Neale Donald Walsch, who wrote an angry letter to God, and then received the reply. He asked God to tell him what it took to make life work, and God responded. Neale has gone on to write many more books, and he holds retreats and talks around the world. Having met him in person, I can honestly say that he is the most humble, kind and generous man I have ever met. Which makes being able to watch a part of his life story even more special.


The Shift

The ShiftThe Shift is an odd movie to begin with, in that it’s a movie about the making of a documentary. A film crew go to a retreat to film Wayne Dyer, talking about how to make the shift from ambition to meaning in life. As he talks, you then meet other people who show his teachings through their lives and actions. My absolutely favourite thing about this – aside from the many insights – is the soundtrack. I adore it. Watch it for that reason if nothing else.



In Your Eyes

in your eyesI rented this one on Vimeo when it was first released last year, and it’s now available on Netflix (I will be watching it again) It’s more of a paranormal romance story, but it has a lot of spirituality in it. It’s funny, touching, and I really enjoyed it.



The Way

the-wayI have watched this movie so many times, that I feel like I have too, walked the Camino, though without getting the sore legs and blisters on my feet. The story is of a man who has to go to France to collect the remains of his son, who has died in a freak accident while walking the Camino. He then finds himself taking his son’s place, and walking the way, taking his son’s ashes with him. I love the music in this one too, and I love the experiences he goes through on his journey. One day, I may even walk the Camino for real.



Eat Pray Love

Eat Pray LoveI’ve watched this move a few times, I love Julia Roberts, and I love watching Elizabeth Gilbert speak too, she did an excellent TED talk (which will feature in a post coming soon) I love the transformation she goes through, and how she goes through each phase in different parts of the world, in her attempt to find herself. It also makes me want to visit Bali even more!


I will put a list of the Spiritual Movies I would like to see on tomorrow’s post. What are your favourite Spiritual Movies? Do you have any suggestions for me?