A Spiritual Weekend!

I spent last weekend in the stunning Wye Valley, in the beautiful home of Annette and John of Wye Valley Healing. The intention was to write 20,000 words of my new novel, but the end result was closer to just … Continue reading


In need of inspiration…

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Having got so far behind on my wordcount in the last week, I have hidden myself away in a beautiful location, courtesy of some lovely friends of mine, who have very kindly opened their home to me. It’s hard to … Continue reading

Quick update!

Having had such a busy weekend, my wordcount suffered considerably, and this morning I found myself 12,000 words behind…

I’ve managed about 2,000 today, and according to my trusty Nano stats, if I churn out just over 2,000 words every day for the rest of the month, I should just about make it!

I met some great people this weekend, at both fairs, and had some fantastic conversations about angels, Red Indian guides, what really happens when you die, and interplanetary relationships.

This week will be very busy too, with another Earth Angel 4Sight booked in tomorrow, work, and beginning my Reiki level 2!

I am also very much looking forward to the new Twilight movie on Friday. Can’t wait to see the new surprise ending!

I guess I should get back to my novel, unfortunately, it’s not going to write itself!

Positive Living Fayre & The Paradigm Shift Road Show

Another busy weekend coming up! On Saturday the 10th, I will be selling my books at the Positive Living Fayre, which will be taking place in the Priory in Monmouth. It is being run by the fabulous Niki of Peace of Stone.  I am very much looking forward to it, as there will be many of my friends there! Jack Shalatain will be there, with some gorgeous calendars filled with his ethereal art. Ray Ball will be there, doing readings; I recommend a reading with him if you need some clarity or indeed closure. Andrea Degan will be there, so if you have any questions at all about Homeopathic remedies – she’s the lady to speak to!

Then on Sunday, the 11th November, I will be in Bristol, at the Paradigm Shift Road Show. It looks to be like it will be a great event, with loads of workshops and talks happening throughout the day, as well as plenty of stalls.

I’m also looking at having a stand at some other Christmas Fayres and Markets, I will add them to the Event page when I know where I will be!

Right, back to the writing, I am behind on my wordcount now, so I need a mammoth session today to catch up!


Camping Update!

The first draft is done! I have my new novel! Well, sort of. The word count is far short of the 50,000 target, so I am now doing what I hate doing – I’m going back through it and adding to it. Admittedly, there are plenty of scenes that need more detail, back before I had my breakthrough, I skimmed over details because I wasn’t sure what to write. But still, I’m not sure it’ll be enough. So I am now considering an extra thread to the story. What it will be, I’m not sure, but hopefully something will come to me!

So there you have it, an update of sorts, sorry for the rambling nature of it. One thing is clear though – there will be a book called The Elphite, and it will be released for your consumption in December this year. And my fingers are crossed that you like it!

A healthier wordcount!

I’m not quite where I should be with the wordcount yet, but I’m certainly in a better position than I was! Just over 5000 words written today, and I’m nearly at the halfway mark, with 24,587 words.

The story has turned into a completely different one than I imagined, and has completely taken on a life of its own. I have no doubt that it’s going to need a LOT of work, to get it into shape for my December publishing deadline, but I know it will get there!

I think I need a break now, I think some dinner and then some more banana and strawberry cake with ice cream is in order!

The breakthrough we have all been waiting for!

Well, the breakthrough I have been desperate for, at least! I have been so very behind on my wordcount all month, dragging my heels because my initial story idea only lasted the first few chapters, then I was adrift in the sea of uncertainty.

I know I always write this way – with no plot or guide map, but I still get slightly unnerved when I have thousands of words left to write, and I don’t know what any of them will be.

But today, after pushing myself to write another 2500 words, to help my flagging wordcount, I had come to a standstill. So I figured I may as well make dinner and chill out for the evening. Until I suddenly realise I’m supposed to be somewhere in twenty minutes. In the hurry to get ready and go, just as I am about to leave, the flash of inspiration comes zooming into my head, and as I close the door, I recognise it for the genius that it is!

So I now know, where this story is going, and it’s perfect, even if I did not see it coming, at all. I hope I can do the idea justice, I guess I will leave my readers to judge that one.

All I need to do now is to fill in the rest of the story to that point that I imagined earlier.


Still camping…

Okay so you know I said I would update you about my wordcount, but if things went quiet it would mean that I’m behind? Well, surprise surprise, I’m behind on my wordcount, which is why you haven’t had an update!

But fear not, I WILL have 50,000 words of my novel written by August 31st!

I’ve got a few scene ideas floating around at the moment, and this evening I will be settling down to explore them. At the moment I am busy revamping my website, which I’m pleased to say is looking pretty good so far! I will post an update when it is done!

To all the other wrimos out there who are struggling – keep going! You can do it!