Sow the Seeds

In the last couple of days, I have begun my first foray into growing flowers, herbs and vegetables. In the past, my lack of green fingers has meant that most things that need watering that are left in my care surely die. So the concept of starting with a tiny seed (and in some cases, the seeds were as small as bits of dust) and getting it to grow into something edible, is pretty much beyond anything I have ever attempted before.

Here’s me, looking very glamorous!

Me Digging!While planting the parsley seeds, I started thinking about the part in Louise L Hay’s movie – Heal Your Life, when she talks about affirmations being the seeds to creating the life you want. She said that with seeds you plant them, water them, nurture them and basically, you expect that they will grow. But you don’t dig them up every few days to check to see if they are growing or not, because you will end up killing them off. The key is to just tend to them daily, and you will then be able to harvest and benefit from the crop.


Daily routines and habits is something that I struggle with. I find it easy to break a habit, and quite difficult to form one. I can do something every single day for a year, and then stop doing it, and forget all about it. In the past I have given up all sorts of things, with no problem at all. I have given up chocolate for a year or more at a time. Currently, I have not had caffeine for thirteen years, I have not had wheat or gluten for four years, I haven’t eaten meat ever, I avoid sweeteners like the plague, and I rarely eat junk food. (Most of it has wheat in it anyway). So it seems I’m pretty good at quitting stuff. I’ve also quit more jobs in my life than most people ever have in their entire lifetime. I tried to count the jobs I’d had once, and got bored after I’d counted 40. Some of them were short-term anyway, but most of them I quit. For a long time I just figured I had commitment issues, but I think it’s more of a case that I don’t see the point in doing anything I am not passionate about, because then it is not serving myself or others.

Which is why I think I struggle with exercising daily. I really don’t find getting out of breath or having sore muscles to be much fun. Even though I know that in the long-term, it will benefit me. And gardening? I think it’s a case of just not really knowing what I am doing that has put me off in the past. I still don’t really know what I’m doing, to be truthful. But I’m willing to give it a try. Perhaps if I can see these teeny little seeds growing into actual, edible items, it will make it easier for me to find things I can do daily to build my business and increase my readership etc.

What the garden looks like right now:

wpid-20140309_162001.jpg wpid-20140309_162058.jpg

I’m reading a book at the moment, called Choose Yourself, by James Altucher. In it, he describes having daily practices, and I must admit, at first I was thinking – oh here we go again, yet another suggestion to do something everyday, something that I know I won’t ever do. But then I read the list of 26 things that he does every day. Out of which, he suggests people do a minimum of one thing from that list every day. And I realised that I already do ten of those things every day! Therefore, I have a daily routine. How amazing is that? I had a daily routine and I didn’t even realise it. Which means that I can do things on a daily basis. I plan on printing the list out, and posting it above my desk, so that it inspires me to try doing some of the things I don’t do on a daily basis.

This realisation has made me wonder how many more things there are, that I believe I cannot do, but in fact I can. So perhaps I can be a successful gardener, perhaps I can enjoy running, perhaps I can learn how to play the piano properly, and perhaps I can indeed be successful in doing what I truly love to do. All I need to do is to choose myself. And choose to love and believe in myself. And know that the only limitations in my life are the ones I choose to have. It’s time to let go of my old stories, my old beliefs, my old limitations,  and become who I really am.

I choose myself. I choose to be awesome 🙂

The Speed of Change

Mating Butterflies

I know that I am not the only one who has noticed just how quickly life seems to be changing at the moment. To me it feels as though my life has been a constant series of changes since around 2006. More has happened in my life in the last 7 years than happened in the previous 22 years. Why is this? Is it simply the idea that time speeds up as we age, or is it more than that? Because it is not just that things are changing quickly, but that things and situations are being rapidly manifested.

Just four days after writing about Twin Flame Relationships, everything changed for me.

I met up with my own Twin Flame, for dinner and to chat. Despite not having been together in a relationship for more than 6 months, we still missed each other’s company. He was the one who had sent me the video on Youtube of the stages of a Twin Flame relationship. He had recognised our relationship in the patterns described, and thought I would find it interesting. We talked all evening, and met up a couple more times over the course of the following week, and by the end of the next weekend, (14th July) we were back together. He asked me to move in with him and so here I am, just 20 days after writing about getting a second chance to be with a Twin Flame, with my Flame, living the life that I had always wanted to live.

Did I manifest it? Or were we fated to get back together? I was only in the area because my dear Faerie friend from Peace of Stone had invited me to stay with her for the week. What if I had refused the invitation? Would my reunion with my Flame not have happened? Or was it because I chose a parallel universe where we were together? Have I skipped to another dimension, another reality?

I suppose the real question is, does any of that matter? I had hoped that perhaps I would be able to offer some guidance and wisdom to other souls out there who know their Flames but are not with them. I guess all I can say is – if it is meant to be, then it will be. And don’t hold on to the past. It was only when I truly and completely let go of the idea of being with my Twin, only when I accepted that it may well never happen, cut all energetic cords and ties to him, that it finally did happen. I was willing to move on, to live my life without him, and to make the best I possibly could with what I had.

So perhaps gratitude for whatever we have in our lives, even if it’s not what we really want, is the key to manifesting what we do really want.

What do you think?