A Spiritual Weekend!

I spent last weekend in the stunning Wye Valley, in the beautiful home of Annette and John of Wye Valley Healing. The intention was to write 20,000 words of my new novel, but the end result was closer to just 10,000. I was struggling with writing the book, because it really wasn’t going the way that I wanted it to.

On the Friday night, I decided it was because I didn’t have any chocolate, so I did a late evening run to the supermarket for chocolate.

But that didn’t solve the problem.

By the Saturday afternoon, I was feeling very frustrated with the lack of motivation and that I was blocking the words from coming. So I decided to go and visit my Faerie friend at Peace of Stone, for a Reiki treatment. I went from being annoyed and frustrated to happy and bouncy, and then spent the remaining afternoon with my favourite people.

So after that, you would think the words would flow, right?


I spent the evening watching ‘While You Were Sleeping’! Not particularly productive! (Though fun, I do love that movie!)

On Sunday, I attended the Mind, Body and Spirit Fayre in the Speech House Hotel in Coleford. It was a really busy day, and it was great to see people I had met at the fayre last year. I also chatted to people that I knew from over a year and a half ago, but hadn’t seen since. I had some fantastic conversations, and lots of fantastic hugs, especially from my new friend, June, who is the most beautiful soul I have met in a while.

The biggest breakthrough of the day for me happened when I was chatting to people about my new book, and how I was struggling, because it really wasn’t turning out the way I wanted. It was supposed to be the same story as The Earth Angel Training Academy, but told from the point of view of the children. But that wasn’t happening, other characters were taking over the story, and the children weren’t really getting a chance to speak! But as I chatted to people about it, I realised that the characters that were taking over were all male. Which is when I realised that the main characters of The Earth Angel Training Academy are predominantly female.

It was my light bulb moment! This would basically be the masculine version of the book! Quite a few of my readers have asked me what on earth was going on with the male characters, wondering why they acted in certain ways, because we only really see them from the female characters perspective.

So now I guess we will find out!

This was the sunset on Sunday, after an exhausting but illuminating and happy day –


And then I noticed that my book on Annette’s bookshelf was next to Paulo Coelho’s books, which made me smile 🙂


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