The Power of Manifestation

I created my first Vision Board in 2009, when I was in New York. Working with the available materials I and my friends had to hand, I created it on a thick paper bag, using photos from magazines. Within a year, much of what I had stuck on my ‘board’ had happened, though not quite in the way I had imagined! (Still waiting for the vacation to a deserted island, though!)

I realised the power of this visualisation, and after the end of my relationship, in 2010, decided to create a new Vision Board. This one was slightly more upmarket, on black card, and I printed out the words I wanted, and attached photos and cut outs from magazines and also did a mock cover of my first novel.

New Vision Board –

Vision Board 2010

Aside from Paris, most of what was on this board happened, or came true, including seeing my first book in print. I chose the picture of the boots on the beach, because the surrounding article was about a man who had walked around most of the world, and to me the photo signified lots of travelling.


Well, I have made a new board since then, in 2012, but I kept this one in the loft, because I liked it. This February, I went to California, and in my last few days met a couple of guys in the hostel I stayed in on Venice Beach. We went for a walk along the beach, and decided to paddle in the ocean, just so we could take photos and make people back home jealous (it was snowing in England, Mike was from Chicago where it was freezing, and Bob was from Canada, where temperatures were also very low). So we took our shoes off and paddled, then when we came back to them, I realised that Bob’s boots looked incredibly similar to the brown boots on the sand on my Vision Board!

So I took a photo of them –

Bob's Boots

So not only did I manifest travel, which is what the boots signified to me, but also the boots themselves!! So sometimes, the images we use on our Vision Boards can come into our lives in a literal way as well a symbolic way.

So, if you’ve never made one, give it a try, it’s fun, if nothing else!

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