New Cover Reveal!!

I know I have been very quiet lately, and I do apologise – things have been so busy! And April looks to be even busier, because I plan to release my latest book – The Twin Flame Retreat – on the 25th April! (Hopefully in both paperback and Kindle on that date). This new book is the direct sequel to The Twin Flame Reunion, and follows five new characters as they meet their Twin Flames.

My incredible amazing sister, the genius behind madappledesigns, has worked her magic again and has created the new cover, which I am so excited to share with you! Are you ready? Drum roll please!

FINAL retreat cover small


And because she is just that awesome, Liz has created the 3D version of the cover, which I must admit, made me squeal like a very happy Faerie!

twin flame retreat


Isn’t it beautiful? I cannot wait for you to read it! I have really enjoyed writing and creating this latest instalment to the series, and going by the beta feedback so far, I think everyone will enjoy it!

I will post updates on how the publishing is going throughout April!


P.S. Apologies for the excessive exclamation marks, I’m a bit excited :)

Success is…

After holding a google hangout to share my process on defining success, and having some lovely feedback, because the hangout recording wasn’t great (and very long!) I decided to put together a very short simple video describing the process. It is now on youtube, and if you try it out and enjoy it, please do let me know!

I have also created a new page here on my blog, which contains links to all of my videos or videos I have been featured in. You can access the page from the menu or by clicking here. You could use the same process for creating definitions for other things, such as love and relationships, or money and abundance. I hope you have fun with it, there are no rules so make it your own!

Earth Angel Talk at Harts Barn

I will be doing another talk about the different Earth Angel Realms on April 13th, which is a Monday night, and I will be very kindly hosted by Andrew Embling, who is a coach and complementary practitioner who has a unit at Harts Barn, where he offers Reiki, NLP and other therapies.

Andrew and I met at the Mind Body Spirit Fayre I took part in at the Speech House in Coleford, a few years ago. He bought The Earth Angel Training Academy and has since read all of my other books too. You could say he is a bit of a fan :)

All the details are on the poster below, and under that is Andrew’s flyer that contains all the details you need to find the venue. I would love to see you there!

earth angel talk poster april

andrew flyer


Spiritual Updates from Source

I’ve been battling over the last few days with my partner’s computer. I’m not an Apple person anyway, but basically, because he had ignored all of the updates, he now has a problem on it that is proving difficult to fix. We’ve had a new hard drive installed, but it still didn’t work. So I have reformatted that and tried reinstalling the operating system, and yet there are still problems. As I write this, it is currently checking to hardware, we shall see what comes of that.

While I don’t wish to bore you with my computer woes, it has made me realise that we are very much like computers. That when we just keep going, ignore essential updates and uploads, it’s only when our system has become out-dated and overwhelmed, are we then forced to stop, forced to fix things, and forced, even to completely reformat and start from scratch.

Isn’t that what illness does? When you haven’t taken a break, haven’t stopped for days, weeks, months, haven’t had a holiday in years, haven’t perhaps eaten right or exercised or taken some time out – your system becomes overwhelmed and your body becomes ill. Which then makes you stop for days or weeks, or even months. But had we taken the time, along the way, to take care of ourselves, to meditate, to receive the necessary spiritual downloads and to just breathe – then we wouldn’t be forced to stop.

My partner has avoided updating the computer for months, and now he has had to put up with being unable to use it for about 3 weeks now. And he, like so many of us, does the same thing with himself. We’re on the go, constantly. Yesterday, while we were waiting for the hard drive to be installed, we visited my sister, then we went to the beach, had ice cream and sat in the sunshine, mainly because there was nothing else we could do – it was an enforced ‘holiday’ from the non-stop work, and we both really relaxed and enjoyed it. But had we not had to fix the computer, we wouldn’t have taken that time out, so you could say that there are blessings in the problems too.

Chilling out in Southerndown

I have been promising myself for a very long time now that I will meditate every day, that I will take time out, but aside from a few weeks at the beginning of the year, I have yet to implement a daily meditation, and my two alarms that I set on my phone to remind me, have become – ‘oh, it’s that time already’ alarms!

I will be working in Scotland this summer, and the location means I will have limited connectivity to the internet, which will mean I will spend much less time online. Other than working, I plan to spend my time writing, walking and relaxing! No doubt I will feel the withdrawal effects of not being as connected to the world, but I am very much looking forward to reconnecting properly with myself.

So if there is something you have been meaning to do to nurture and reconnect with your soul, but you have just been too busy to do it, I invite you to do it now. Don’t put it off until tomorrow, until you’ve finished your to-do list or until you have time off – do it now.

Then let me know if you feel better for it :)

Beautiful sunset to end our ‘holiday’


Upcoming Earth Angel Talk

Apologies for posting so little lately, life has been super crazy and I have just about been keeping up with it all! I intended to post this info sooner than now, I do hope that it is still in time for it to be useful!

On Monday 23rd March (yes, in two days) I will be visiting the lovely ladies at Zenith in Leominster. Dawn and Willow are avid Earth Angel series fans, and I will be in the shop from 1pm that day doing Oracle Readings, and then in the evening from 6.30pm, I will be talking about the different realms and types of Earth Angel.

I’m really looking forward to meeting Dawn and Willow, and anyone else who happens to pop by! All the information you need is on the poster below. I do hope that if you’re in the area you might be able to join us, and if you aren’t this time, please do still express your interest to Dawn or to myself, as there’s a possibility of another evening happening in April in Zenith.

earth angel card reading poster

earth angel poster 2

Earth Angel Bears

Last week, while trying to declutter, I discovered a half-finished bear from my bear-making days. I looked into the seed bead eyes of this limb-less creature, and I felt a deep need to finish it, and bring it to life, after it had been stuck in a bag in the loft for the last seven years.

Once she was properly ‘alive’ I found I just couldn’t stop. In the last week, I have created several new bears, and have also designed new wings, as I decided to restock my empty etsy shop with ‘Earth Angel Bears’.

I started making bears when I was a teenager, and my very first bear was a sad little creature called Doddle. I blogged about Doddle a while back. He took me a whole week to make, and though I felt a sense of satisfaction at actually finishing him, he really didn’t look quite right! But after several years of making bears, creating my own patterns, honing and much practice, my bears finally started looking like real bears.

Over the course of 7 years, I made nearly 100 bears, and sold many of them, giving others away as gifts. I kept very few of them, three of which are the Old Souls I have listed on etsy – Mulberry, Robert and Gwri.

Just before I went into retirement, I had started to make hand-felted faerie wings for my bears, because I wanted them to fly. I sold a few, including Floyd, a bright pink bear with purple wings who went to live in New York. Then for some reason, somehow, I stopped making bears. Right in the middle of creating one, who I have now called Leilani. She is an incarnated Faerie bear, and I think she’s rather lovely:


The biggest thing I have realised this week, is that I have really missed creating physical things. I’ve painted a few cards in the last few months, and done the odd creative project, but creating these little characters is something different entirely. It has given me a sense of accomplishment to see them lined up, ready to go to their new homes where they will be loved and where they will help people to Awaken! It makes me feel like Velvet, creating her Earth Angel army to send to Earth to help bring about the Golden Age! (If you have no idea what I’m talking about, check out my first book ;) )

I feel like my life is almost entirely digital, and it’s not unusual for me to spend 12 hours or more a day staring at some kind of screen. Which make me feel a little bit sad. So it’s been a complete joy to set the screens aside and create beautiful little ones. I do hope you fall in love with them too! I have created a Facebook page, and I would love for you to check them out on etsy and to share them with your friends.

Here’s a picture of Honesty and Larry, named in honour of Aria and her ladybug friend from The Earth Angel Training Academy.


An Interpretation of My Books

One of my readers in the US contacted me a little while back and said that she loved my Earth Angel books so much, that she wanted to write an essay about her interpretation of them. Of course I said to go ahead, I was really curious to see the books from someone else’s perspective, as reviews only really say how much people enjoy the books – they don’t really analyse the content.

Well, Rosa sent me the links to both her essay, and a video of her reading and discussing the essay, and I have to say, I was really surprised at the things that she got from the text and the books. She focused on Velvet, and on her conflict between surrendering and attachment. I have never personally delved into Velvet’s mind in this way, but I think that Rosa is definitely onto something!

I really enjoyed watching her video and reading the essay, it certainly had me thinking about the characters in a different way afterwards, and I really think that my readers will gain something from watching the video. Especially anyone who is having trouble with their Twin Flame union, because Rosa discusses this, and I think she makes some very good points.

You can read the essay on her website here, and watch the video below.


Rosa also recorded a review video, which you can view below.



I just want to express my gratitude to Rosa for looking more deeply into my books, as I hope that others do too. I am certain that there are more messages and ideas within them than even I am aware of! If you want to share your thoughts on my books in any way, please do so in the comments, I’d love to hear from you.

Business or Pleasure?

I can remember the exact moment that I stopped seeing blog writing as being a fun way to share my thoughts, experiences and ideas online, to seeing it as a marketing exercise. It was when I read a post by a successful Indie author, who used his blog to showcase his writing talent, which then made people curious about his books, and therefore then bought them.

Up until that point, blogging, was simply, blogging.

After that point, keywords became very important, blogging about popular things became important. Writing regularly became important.

Or so it seemed. In truth, my blogging didn’t change. I still only blogged when I felt like I had something to say. I actually tended to avoid popular topics, and I still only use relevant keywords to the subject I am writing about. So, although I have been aware from about 4 years that blogging is now considered a marketing exercise, I really have not been using it as such. Of course, I mention my books occasionally, but it really is just a place that I express my thoughts. I haven’t monetised it in any way, and to be honest, I’m not sure if I get any sales through it – I think that the people who follow it just like to find out what I’m up to, keep up to date with me and read my ramblings on various subjects.

So I have decided to ditch the idea that blogging is a marketing exercise, because in all honesty, all that thinking has done for me is suck out a little of the joy of it. Historically, blogs were simply online journals, where ordinary people could share their lives with the world. And I think I would like this blog to remain true to that.

If anyone reading my posts is inspired to read my books – excellent! If not – excellent! Either way, I will continue to ramble in my normal fashion, and I hope that’s okay with you.

Do you blog? Is it for business or for pleasure?

Me, blogging for the fun of it!



Is Poverty the Birthplace of True Creativity?

Does it also lead to deep appreciation and gratitude for the beautiful, simple things in life?

I’ve wondered, on more than one occasion, why I have remained in financial difficulty over the last few years. I mean, I am not destitute, or living on the streets,though if it weren’t for my amazing friends and family, and my credit cards, that may well have become the situation. But the thought popped into my head today, that if money were no problem, then perhaps I wouldn’t be quite so creative. That if money was plentiful and my bank accounts all very healthy, I perhaps wouldn’t be able to empathise and connect with those who have very little, and be able to help them.

I said to my partner last night – “I sometimes feel like my career is taking a while to really take off, to make sure that I learn to remain humble.”

I also think, that the struggle, the desperation, the rough times – all become the perfect material for creating stories and objects that will help and inspire others.

None of this means that I wish to be poor for the rest of my life, but it does seem to be that the ‘starving artist’ mentality may have its roots in the idea that poverty forces you to be more creative with what time, resources and money you have. If your budget is tight, you don’t go out and buy everything brand new for a project. You are more likely to recycle, salvage, and think outside the box. So in fact, having less money is promoting eco-friendly ways of being, too.

I do think that extreme poverty, to the point where you are living in scarcity and are unable to think of anything other than surviving the day, limits creativity, as it seems like a luxury to be creative in those situations. But when you are able to survive, but have a limited budget for things you want to do, I do think you become more creative within those limitations.

I have experienced this in my own life, where I have wanted to do something, but not had much money to spend, I find that I become more creative, and though it may take more of my time, there is something infinitely more magical about the end result. For example, when I did the Harry Potter theme parties, for myself and my friends, there were so many things I could have bought online. So much available merchandise, if I’d had a big budget. But I didn’t. I was trying to do the parties on no budget at all. So instead of buying chocolate frogs, I found a template online, printed it onto card, made the boxes, and then bought a frog mold, and melted bars of chocolate. Instead of buying a sorting hat, I dug out my leather from my notebook making days, and hand-stitched a hat myself. For the house points, I got four pop bottles, turned them upside down and screwed the lids onto a plinth made by my partner. If I’d had a budget, I would probably have bought it all, instead of making it myself. And I think it was the Weasley nature of the decorations that made the parties magical. I also appreciated it all so much more, because I knew how much time I had put into it!

I also mentioned gratitude and appreciation, because I truly feel that until you have experienced the feeling of having nothing, or of going through some very dark times, it’s difficult to truly appreciate and feel gratitude for what you have, and for the simple things. I watched a clip from Oprah’s latest Super Soul Sunday, and she was interviewing Amy Purdy. who is such an inspiring woman. She died on an operating table when she contracted meningitis. She said that when she crossed over, and was told she could stay on Earth if she wanted, she thought about all the things she loved about living, and they were things like – the smell of rain, and the sound of ocean waves.


She decided to stay, and now, every day, she experiences deep and true appreciation for the simple things in her life, like her coffee in the morning, and walking in nature.

It seems that adversity that comes from illness, injuries, disability or near death experiences also inspires a deep creativity, and appreciation. Amy wanted to snowboard again, despite having had both legs removed, because it was her passion. But there weren’t prosthetic legs that were appropriate, so she created them.

How many of us just trudge through life, without stopping to create something new, without looking at things from a different angle, without pushing the boundaries in order to fulfil our mission and purpose and doing whatever it takes to follow our passions? Do we really need poverty, illness and adversity to wake us up and inspire us to truly shine?

What are your thoughts?


Gluten-free Carrot Cake Recipe

At the request of some friends on Facebook, I have decided to post my famous Carrot Cake recipe for you to try yourself. I must admit, it’s just a mixture of two or three recipes I found online (don’t ask me where though, I have no idea) and I have refined it to suit myself, and added gluten-free flour so it doesn’t give me a bad tummy! You could of course use normal flour with it if you wanted to.

Carrot Cake Recipe


Cake mixture:

Mix the following together in a bowl:

275g Sugar (brown or white or a combination)

200ml Sunflower Oil


4 Eggs

300g Grated Carrots

150g Dried Fruit/Nuts

Mix together:

225g (Gluten free) Self-Raising Flour

1tsp Cinnamon

1tsp Mixed Spice

And add to the rest. Then add:

A few tbsp. of orange juice

Orange Zest

 Bake for 25-30 mins at 180C (depending on oven, depth of tin etc.)

You can put all the mixture in a deep, loose bottom tin, or in two shallow tins and then sandwich together with the frosting.


Mix together:

150g Cream Cheese

150g Icing Sugar

I must warn you though, this cake is so good, that less than 24 hours later, you will end up with this: