The Twin Flame Reality…

…is the title of the next book in the Earth Angel series!

The book has gone through a few titles, because the subject was a tricky one, but I didn’t want to paint it in a negative light, because I think that overall, the message for the Twin Flames is still a positive one.

The release date is the 21st December, but I aim to get it out sooner than that so it is available in time for you to buy it, and wrap it up to go under the Christmas tree!

I will reveal the new cover very soon, but in the meantime, here’s a quote from the new instalment.

The Twin Flame Reality


Twin Flame Oracle Reading

Hello beautiful Earth Angels! Apologies for the blog being ultra quiet recently, I have been busy with the new book, which is being read by my Beta readers right now (cue biting nails!) and also I have been on a bit of a self-discovery journey with my health, which I will be blogging about soon, because I really want to share the things I have discovered in being my own health detective. If it’s helped me, it may help others!

I wanted to release this new reading, which I recorded (with the amazing assistance of rico films) for all Twin Flames currently stuck in the runner stage of their union. As always, if you wish to ask a question of Aria, Amethyst or Velvet, please do drop me an email – I also plan to have the decks in stock for Christmas, so if you would like to buy your own, please do let me know, as it will help me with the numbers I need to order!

Amethyst Oracle Cards

Sending so much love and light on this 11th day of the 11th month, it feels as though we are heading into a new dimension, and I hope it brings you all the love, joy and peace you are wishing for! I hope you enjoy the video, and I promise I will have more updates soon!

Be Brave

Today a friend shared a video from an Indiegogo campaign, and I was moved to tears by it. The funding is for completing and distributing a film that shows the journey of a man in his twenties, which is cut short when he takes home a bone from a Mayan burial cave. It sounds a little bit crazy, but I truly believe that as we are all made of energy, and all material objects are made of energy, that it’s possible for things to contain the energy of feelings and emotions and even curses.

Years ago, I bought a lucky charm keyring, that I made into a necklace. But whenever I wore it, I would get the worst luck! A few months later, I was attending a crystal healing course when the tutor asked us to bring things in for us to sense the energies of, a practice called psychometry. I took the lucky charm in, and I asked the tutor to see what she sensed. She said that it had been owned before, and the owner had very dark energy which had tainted it. I had bought it new, and didn’t see how that was possible, but after yet more bad luck when wearing it, I soon got rid of it!

Going back to the film, Be Brave looks to be so much more than a documentary about a man’s life. It looks like the kind of film that could actually change your life, and you can see from the video below, that it’s already having that effect, especially on the lives of the family he left behind.

I recommend you check it out, I can’t wait to see it as soon as it’s available to watch.

Visit Indiegogo to see the new campaign video, you can see the original campaign video, when they crowdfunded the making of the documentary, below.

The Twin Flame Resurrection has Arrived!

The Twin Flame ResurrectionI am so pleased to let you all know that the latest book in the Earth Angel series is now available on Amazon!! The Twin Flame Resurrection is in paperback and on Kindle, and will also be on Smashwords this weekend, which covers the other eReaders. Please do leave a review on Amazon for the book if you enjoy it, and if you’ve enjoyed the others in the series, please do take a few minutes to leave reviews for each book, it helps other readers to see that the rest of the series is as good as the first book.

It was a very tight deadline in the end, involving many late nights, but so very worth it! I can now concentrate on writing the next book, which will be available by Christmas!

To celebrate the release, I wanted to share with you a new video, on how to cut the cords with your Twin Flame. It’s something I feel quite strongly about, after having experienced the effect it has had in my own relationship. Please do leave a comment and let me know what you think, and if it helps you!

Classes Begin Tomorrow!

EATA HandbooksIt’s like the night before the first day at school! And despite the fact that I hated school, I loved stationery – new pens, notepads, pencils and folders used to get me all giddy. (What can I say, I am a writer, after all!)

So I’ve been busy getting all of the handbooks ready for the first ever Earth Angel Training Academy class, which will be tomorrow at 7pm in Harts Barn in Longhope, and I am really quite excited.

Just yesterday I posted a video to the website, to explain a little about the classes, but if you are interested and you want more info before you come along, then you can check out the website, or email me ( and I will do my best to help you!

There’s no need to book in advance, just come along on the night! You also don’t have to attend every class, please feel free to pick and choose whichever topics interest you the most. The topics will be discussed in the context of Earth Angels though, so I would recommend either attending the first class or reading up on them beforehand, so that it makes sense to you. Once you arrive at Hart’s Barn, follow the sign around to the building at the far back right, we’re upstairs, in the first room on the left.

Can’t wait to see you there!

Talk in the Forest of Dean

wpid-20150929_192014-1.jpgJust a quick update to let you know that I will be doing a short talk at the Earth Mysteries Group meeting in Coleford this Thursday night at 7.30pm! If you’re in the area, pop in, it’s free entry. I will have books available for sale, if you want to get a signed copy or have a chat about aliens, then come along.

For more details see the piece in the Forest Review :)


New Book Cover Reveal!

Earth Angel Series fans! This one is for you :)

I would like to announce that the Kindle release date for The Twin Flame Resurrection is the…

23rd October 2015!

Which is also the birthdate of a few very special people that I love. (They know who they are!) The print version will be available as soon as humanly possible after that date. And without any further ado, here is the cover of the book, thanks to the genius madappledesigns:


What do you think? The story follows on from The Twin Flame Retreat, but follows five different Earth Angels as they find, lose and are reunited with their Twin Flames. Some of the characters are from The Earth Angel Training Academy, and we also visit favourite characters and get to find out what they’re up to.

The next book in the series, which I am currently writing, will be available by Christmas, and I will reveal the title, cover and release date as soon as I can for that one too!

If you are an Earth Angel series fan, pleased consider writing reviews for the books on Amazon, especially the ones later in the series, as they have fewer reviews that the first ones! It would be amazing to encourage more people to pick them up and give them a try! Thank you, I really do appreciate it. xx

Taking Time Out

Apologies for the lack of posting recently, it seems like the Universe wanted me to take a little time out, which manifested in not feeling very well! I have blogged about this before, that if we don’t choose to take time out, to rest, relax and replenish, then we are likely to be forced to take time out, by our body or some incident that happens.

I had to cancel my day of readings and talk in Zenith in Leominster on Monday, because I didn’t feel well enough to go. I have spent the last three days doing very little, and yesterday I even switched off my phone and sat and read a book that I had been looking forward to – Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. There were so many things in the book that resonated with me, and there were many things that have opened my eyes to the way I view creativity, and how it may not be helping me to see it that way.

I would recommend getting a copy of the book, and also watching the latest episode of MarieTV, where Marie and Elizabeth talk about the book.

I have still been working on the latest two books in the Earth Angel series, and I promise that I will reveal the cover the second it’s ready! Along with the release date for it. I am 30k words into the seventh book, which I still aim to release by Christmas.

So apologies in advance if I don’t get to write again for a bit, I am either editing or writing at the moment. But I promise to keep updating as much as I can. Now go buy Elizabeth’s book and get some Big Magic into your life :)

Become a Patron


Though I found some time ago, I have only just created my profile on there, and started to reach out to people to become patrons of my work. In the coming few months, I have lots of projects I would love to do, and make available online for free, but I need time and income to do so. I’d also like to increase the number of books I publish from two a year to five a year. I’m on target to publish three this year, but if I want to get the rest of the Earth Angel series out in a timely fashion, I need to spend more time writing and less time on worrying about paying bills.

I also have two more books in the Visionary Collection in my mind, and a YA trilogy that’s screaming to be told, and the audiobook versions to record. And to create all this awesome content, I need help.

That’s where Patreon comes in. You can pledge a certain amount per month, which I then receive to help me create the content, which is then available for free online. My books won’t be free to everyone, but the patrons will receive discounts and rewards for their support. My aim is to increase my readership to the point where my royalties are providing me with a decent income, but until then, I think Patreon is the best way forward.

So if you have read and enjoyed my books, or videos, or articles and stories, and you want to see more content, more often, then please do check out my profile and consider becoming a Patron. Every penny helps, because it means that I can concentrate on what I’m meant to be doing with my life, and stay in my Zone of Genius more often.

It will also mean that I can pay the people who have been helping me to get my work out into the world, and even to invest in help with the marketing, which will help my books to reach a wider audience.

If giving money is not something you’re able to do, or agree with, then please know that all forms of support are very much appreciated – comments on my blog, reviews of my books, my quote photos being shared, tweets being retweeted – it’s all really awesome. I also very much appreciate the emails I receive from readers from all around the world, letting me know the impact my work has had upon them. All of these things help to remind me why I do the work I do, and that I shouldn’t run off to get a crappy job or join the circus or anything.

You are awesome, thank you for your love and encouragement. xxx

Want to Attend the Earth Angel Training Academy?

Earth Angel Training Academy Logo

It’s tough being an Earth Angel sometimes, and despite having had training on the Other Side before arriving, there are some things that are still difficult to deal with. Which is why I have created a seven week course (with the assistance of amazing Earth Angel Andrew Embling), consisting of seven evening classes, that are based on the classes taught at the Earth Angel Training Academy on the Other Side. (Which you can read about in the book)

The classes can be taken individually or you can attend them all! Each one will go into depth on the topic, and will include an activity and useful techniques and actions you can take into your life to improve your experience here on Earth.

The classes will be running in two locations before Christmas, starting on Thursday the 15th October in Harts Barn in Longhope, and then on Monday the 2nd November in Peace of Stone in Monmouth. In the new year, there will be two more locations, and later in the year it will be developed into an online video course so that no matter where you are in the world, you can take the Earth Angel Training Academy classes!

The aim is to have fun, to create a community and to learn things that will assist your missions here on this planet.

You can check out the website, where you can register your interest, and book your spot on the course!