The Reunion of the Flames

There has been a lot of interest on my blog lately about Twin Flames. It is a subject very close to my own heart, and it is a theme that runs through my Earth Angel book series. Last year, I wrote a post about Twin Flames, and included a video about the stages of such relationships. The video was in fact sent to me by my own Flame, during a period of separation, after we had got to the fourth stage and gone our separate ways. While watching the video, he had seen the parallels with our relationship, and though he said he sent it to me merely because I write about Flames, I know that the video brought about an awareness within him. It was that awareness that caused us to meet up, just 4 days after I posted the video. Within a week of meeting up we were back together, and less than two weeks later, I had moved in with him. (I wrote a little more about it here)

Things have shifted and changed so much in the last seven months, and through it all, we have become stronger and even more deeply connected. The first thing we did was to be completely and utterly honest with each other. About everything. It was painful at times. There were fears that had been hidden for years, and bringing them into the light was not a joyful experience. But having that level of truth and honesty between us, has meant that we are now so in tune with each other, that we can tell immediately when there is something wrong. I can’t even explain how, but as soon as his energy shifts, and becomes a little negative or dark, I can tell. Now, nothing is kept hidden, or a secret, which means that emotions and fears are not trapped in our bodies and energy, which could cause problems later on.

I had a question from a lady about her Twin Flame, about whether they were indeed Flames and whether they would be together. She wanted to ask Amethyst or Velvet, so I did the reading for her, you can see it below:

In my experience, being with a Twin Flame is intense. But it’s also calming and comforting. To be in the arms of your Flame is to feel completely at home. There is nowhere else you would rather be than in his/her embrace, because that is exactly where you belong. There may be a fair amount of history between you that needs to be worked on and released, after all, you may have had several lifetimes together over the ages. But the effort is worth it, because you know that when you are with them – anything is possible. Just the fact that you have met your Twin Flame is a miracle in itself.

I would love to hear your experiences and views on Twin Flames, have you met yours?

4 comments on “The Reunion of the Flames

  1. I’m very happy for hearing your success in coming together with your Twin Flame. I was given this gift of meeting mine in 2013. It came completely out of nowhere, unexpectedly and like lightning. I would not have believed, if you told me, that I could feel something like this. My whole life I have been a seeker of enlightenment and karmic liberation, some time ago I became conscious of the idea that ultimately this involved a destined mate but I had long since abandoned any search for that person and essentially forgotten it from my conscious focus. Then suddenly, he was there. I can’t say it was without warning though, because the months leading up to our meeting was replete with signs and dreams which I confess that I took not much notice of, on the whole. My soul has been in the most absolute joy since the instant our eyes first met but it took me several months to catch up with her and comprehend that it was happening. My spirit guides have told me that they are celebrating constantly since our first embrace and will not rest until we are together. To be honest, it’s all very extraordinary to even me, I can hardly believe it is real but I know that I have never loved and will never love another like this.
    We are not together now. There are obstacles and destiny seems certain to pull us far apart before this phase is over. This makes me sad and frightened. We are both hurting but are unable to change what is in the hands if a higher destiny. Knowing that we are not alone in this gives me hope and faith, though, so I thank you and your flame for sharing as you have.


    • Dear El,
      Thank you for your comment, and for sharing your story of meeting your Flame. It does seem that the meeting is sudden, and out of the blue, yet in hindsight, there were clues leading up to it. But I think you made an important point, in that you had given up on finding them, that you had surrendered to what was, and that was the moment you found them. I too, had given up on finding my Flame, and was just intent on going out and having fun and being myself when I met my Flame.
      It is only when we surrender and go with the flow that the universe can bring us what we need, what we desire, and take us where we need to go.
      You are most definitely not alone, you are connected to everyone, and indeed you will remain connected to your Flame even if you are not together. Now is the time to focus on yourself, and on your mission here on earth, and to move forward confidently, knowing that all is well.
      Love and light.xx


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