A Letter to Writers

Dear Writer,

I don’t know why I am only just realising this, as it seems so very obvious, but I think that writing may be the most difficult art to make a living from. I’m not saying this to put you off of writing, or becoming an author. And I’m certainly not saying this to be negative for the sake of it. Let me explain.

Writing is the most difficult of all the arts to have genius recognised in. Because in order to recognise the genius of a piece of writing, one must actually sit, concentrate and read the words. Which might take thirty minutes or several hours or even days or weeks.

Whereas a song can be recognised as genius in three minutes. A movie in two hours. A painting in seconds. A dance in a few minutes or more.

But writing demands time. And in this world of constant information overload, time is of short supply. Or so it would appear. And so if someone takes the time to read your words, it is truly an honour, because they are saying – your words are worth more to me than several movies or several hours of social media.

As a writer, it is harder to be ‘discovered’. To have that magic moment when someone spots your genius and tells the world about it. You can’t go on a talent show or do a video that goes viral on YouTube.

All you can do is keep writing, and keep hoping that your words will hit the spot for enough people that the word will spread that your words are worth the time and effort they take to consume.

Of course, you will still always hope that one day you will reach that tipping point where every time you hit publish, you sell several thousand copies straight off the bat, and not just a handful. But until then, you keep writing, because you were not born to be a singer or dancer or a movie star.

You were born to be a writer.

So fall in love with the difficulty, the struggle and the stress that comes with this work. Because I promise you, it will be worth it in the end.

Much love,

A writer.

Image – James Pond (Unsplash)

Why Twin Flames are Reuniting


For those who follow my blog, you will know that I very recently separated from my Twin Flame. I didn’t blog during our last couple of weeks together, because to be honest – I just didn’t know what to say. What can you say when you are in the process of leaving your Flame, your best friend, the person you love and trust most in the whole world?

Why do Twin Flames Separate?

A couple of people have asked why we separated. And it’s a fair question. Those who know us know just how close we are, how in tune we are with each other, how we can sense each other’s feelings instantly, and how we cannot be in the same room and not have physical contact. Even those who don’t know us personally may have got an understanding of our relationship from my novels, as our connection features in them, illustrating the depth of feeling for one another, and the devastation of the loss of each other.

We didn’t break up for any of the normal reasons. No one cheated, no one stopped loving, no one was abusive, no one lied or did anything wrong. And despite the fact that the relationship is over, and I now live several hours away, we still very much love each other and miss each other like crazy.

We have Strong Personal Missions

The truth is, we each have very strong personal missions. We each came to this earth to accomplish certain things, and even though having this incredible Twin Flame relationship has helped us both to grow and evolve and get started on our missions – in order to continue our missions, we must be apart. My mission is to write books that help Earth Angels to Awaken to their true purpose, and to then help others to Awaken. If I want to get my books out to a wider audience, then staying in the woods, in the beautiful sanctuary, is not the way to do it. I must go out into the world and get my books into people’s hands. I need to attend events, interact, and connect with others.

I felt compelled to listen to Rickie Byars Beckwith’s album – Let my Soul Surrender, on my journey to Brighton, and this song in particular summed it up perfectly:

The Connection can be Distracting

I realise that we could have chosen to have a temporary break, as our break up last year ended up being only for six months, but I feel that if we just continued our relationship long-distance, we would be too distracted by each other to fully concentrate on our missions. Not that we have cut off contact, we do check in with each other, and have been helping each other through this time of adjusting to being on our own, but as time passes, I imagine we will adjust and contact will lessen.

It’s Still Painful

Those who have met and perhaps also separated from their Flames will understand that it is still incredibly painful. No matter how many times we have parted in the past, it doesn’t get any easier. I have been too busy throwing myself into this new adventure that is Brighton to really allow it all to properly sink in, and I have no doubt that when I start to write my next book (which I am starting this weekend) that it will begin to really settle upon me that I will no longer be his, and that he will no longer be mine, and that from here onwards, we must move forwards in different directions.

Flames Reunite to Reignite Passion

I don’t know if it’s the same for other Flames, as all situations and people are unique, but I do think that Flames are reunited for the purpose of reigniting passion into our lives, for setting us on course to achieve what we decided to achieve before we got here, and then often we must then separate from our Flames to then accomplish all that we wish to. And like the infinity symbol, we will spend time apart, but then we will come into each other’s lives again.

Future Reunions are Possible

I have no idea if our paths will cross again in the future, but I would like to think that they will. Perhaps once we have completed our missions we will be able to reunite once more. Or perhaps we have had our time together in this life, and will not reunite again until we are both on the other side. For now, I am just trusting that the universe has very good reasons for nudging us to make this decision to be apart.

Twin Flames are Always Connected

One thing I do know for certain, is that no matter where we are, who we’re with, or what we are doing – we will always be connected, and we will always be Twin Flames, and we will always love and want the best for each other. And I am so very, very grateful for that.



Interview with an Earth Angel

I was recently interviewed by the beautiful Sarah Vine, founder of the Earth Angel Sanctuary. Sarah and I met through an acquaintance on Facebook, and from our very first (three-hour) conversation, we have become very good friends. I have no doubt that we attended the Earth Angel Training Academy together! Sarah read the Earth Angel series, and fell in love with the books. I am a proud member of the Earth Angel Sanctuary, a wonderful site online where you can watch very useful videos and interviews to help you with your Earthly missions. As an extra bonus for being a member, you can also download a free copy of The Earth Angel Training Academy.

To watch the interview, just click on the video below. I will soon be interviewing Sarah, to find out more about how she started the Sanctuary and her mission here on Earth.

[youtube http://youtu.be/UsG00OstHTE]

The Reunion of the Flames

There has been a lot of interest on my blog lately about Twin Flames. It is a subject very close to my own heart, and it is a theme that runs through my Earth Angel book series. Last year, I wrote a post about Twin Flames, and included a video about the stages of such relationships. The video was in fact sent to me by my own Flame, during a period of separation, after we had got to the fourth stage and gone our separate ways. While watching the video, he had seen the parallels with our relationship, and though he said he sent it to me merely because I write about Flames, I know that the video brought about an awareness within him. It was that awareness that caused us to meet up, just 4 days after I posted the video. Within a week of meeting up we were back together, and less than two weeks later, I had moved in with him. (I wrote a little more about it here)

Things have shifted and changed so much in the last seven months, and through it all, we have become stronger and even more deeply connected. The first thing we did was to be completely and utterly honest with each other. About everything. It was painful at times. There were fears that had been hidden for years, and bringing them into the light was not a joyful experience. But having that level of truth and honesty between us, has meant that we are now so in tune with each other, that we can tell immediately when there is something wrong. I can’t even explain how, but as soon as his energy shifts, and becomes a little negative or dark, I can tell. Now, nothing is kept hidden, or a secret, which means that emotions and fears are not trapped in our bodies and energy, which could cause problems later on.

I had a question from a lady about her Twin Flame, about whether they were indeed Flames and whether they would be together. She wanted to ask Amethyst or Velvet, so I did the reading for her, you can see it below:

In my experience, being with a Twin Flame is intense. But it’s also calming and comforting. To be in the arms of your Flame is to feel completely at home. There is nowhere else you would rather be than in his/her embrace, because that is exactly where you belong. There may be a fair amount of history between you that needs to be worked on and released, after all, you may have had several lifetimes together over the ages. But the effort is worth it, because you know that when you are with them – anything is possible. Just the fact that you have met your Twin Flame is a miracle in itself.

I would love to hear your experiences and views on Twin Flames, have you met yours?